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  1. Brings back memories as my brother showed it to me when it came out and I was like that's pretty cool, I was 11 then if that was 7 years ago. Seems like yesterday. I always liked the song, don't know why so many people dislike it. They were clearly changing their style a bit again.
  2. Can someone post a link with all the stickers if it exists, I really don't feel like going through the whole thread
  3. I'm high as fuck right now, this bass is killing me
  4. Nice, very mature of you. Go back to watching your shit tier show for braindead morons.
  5. Friends is quite literally the worst sitcom of all time, why the hell would you do a poll on it? If you were already gonna do a tv show poll you might as well could have picked something good, like seinfeld
  6. does anyone have a folder with stickers form his guitar that i can print, so i dont have to go through the whole thread?
  7. stockholm syndrome, that song fucking sucks. i don't like this album in general though
  8. doesn't change the fact scott had more fun drumming, but he also fit the band 12 times better
  9. touchdown boy, wasting time lemmings, josie adams song, whats my age again online songs, please take me home here's your letter, i miss you heart's all gone, after midnight still haven't listened to the last album, but i like bored to death
  10. honestly though, i like the riff, its pretty creative actually
  11. the new descendents album is good, also first ditch effort
  12. lmao, why would he lie though. what would it mean to him? having a couple people on some lousy ass forum admire his ass. seems like a stupid reason to lie
  13. Strobber


    what the fuck people this album is bomb as fuck, probably the best after coaster
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