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  1. this video is meh good story about boy and girl, but i can’t say same about delonge
  2. if this information is real, i like the songs titles in general and "rainbow" album art. very simple and beautiful.
  3. https://smarturl.it/happydaysb182
  4. i like this, REALLY like this. it's so much better than BIOMY. upset a bit, 'cause i need more skiba songs, but this is the least of my worries. agreed, that sometimes it reminded about BCR. cool song. define sign for me - when i heard the chorus and it gives me chills. right now it's happening.
  5. i like the idea when travis is located on one line with mark and matt
  6. i read A LOT of good reviews about their first show - sound, voices, light and etc it’s a very hopeful sign down in acoustic sounds really cool tho
  7. my love to them is perfectly endless today it’s limited to 49 seconds ❤️
  8. oh, i missed the major discussion as always but this is COOL song, that’s give me a hope. especially compare to biomy
  9. this song is very strange, but catchy. anyway, i don’t like it, it’s very “experimental” for me.
  10. save this in my phone gallery
  11. i hate to make any premature conclusions, that’s all
  12. he do whatever he wants, just drama-free I stopped analyzing his “behavior” a long time ago
  13. does it make sense to draw conclusions based on first song? we need at least one more song to compare
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