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  1. this song is very strange, but catchy. anyway, i don’t like it, it’s very “experimental” for me.
  2. save this in my phone gallery
  3. i hate to make any premature conclusions, that’s all
  4. he do whatever he wants, just drama-free I stopped analyzing his “behavior” a long time ago
  5. does it make sense to draw conclusions based on first song? we need at least one more song to compare
  6. lyrics video is pretty damn good!
  7. thanks, my friend! i come here when something important happens
  8. actually, yes don’t thank me at all
  9. don’t like on first listen (2) Yesterday i was so scared because idk what to expect now, I’m really upset
  10. haha, interesting idea. at least this tour should make a little public outcry
  11. i like the idea and part with dances, cool picture mark’s and his green-haired friend role is very questionable but..
  12. i choose adrenaline from recent songs. really like it.
  13. it was my love with a souce of endless respect and admiration
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