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  1. i like the idea and part with dances, cool picture mark’s and his green-haired friend role is very questionable but..
  2. i choose adrenaline from recent songs. really like it.
  3. it was my love with a souce of endless respect and admiration
  4. i’m glad that you’re glad kyle!
  5. i like the song. i like the girl from this video. i like skiba’s hat. and he is really look rad. anyway, no one expected something amazing, imo.
  6. listen to new song for three times, and still can’t say something definite about it but, it’s obviously better than first song.
  7. really, we can’t talk about it yet, but i hope he was drunk
  8. that’s the plan my friend, that’s the plan
  9. he is a very, very bad boy, i just punish him
  10. i hate gaskarth and his minion barakat my whole life. so, i can even accept tom's comeback. but gaskarts, god, NO. p.s. skiba is love <3
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