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  1. it seems more weak than a lot of new NINE songs, it’s light and catchy. not the masterpiece, obviously, but acceptable
  2. this IRWIHY video is perfect, of course it was edited, but overall picture is simply amazing
  3. what, what’s going on here? why hot replies? this is means nothing, i just want to see a battle
  4. IRWIHY sounds so good. i’m upset a little bit ‘cause they don’t include matt’s part in the end in live version
  5. a lot of songs from NINE gives me the chills after a long-time listen. remember to forget me - that song i can never be calm about.
  6. mark hoppus has a personal tragedy singing: Angel wings at the bus stop Halos left on top of the bar Helen doesn't want me now Helen doesn't want me
  7. I put him up to it. Like “make something that Scott likes anyway”
  8. no no no, I have a big, BIG heart, if you know what I mean
  9. you’re always have a secret part in my heart, don’t worry
  10. We need @Ghent and @JarJarBlinks here
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