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  1. Wow, the OG lineup. Love to see it! I’ve got a buddy who’s building a digital Derrick Plourde video archive, he’d love to see these.
  2. @Champ182 The Uranus EP is where it’s at. Fucking machine of a drummer.
  3. It does for me, as what I’m learning in school involves understanding publishing and songwriting credits and how that all shakes out.
  4. Pretty much nailed it on the head! There was no seafoam green Strat made for Tom, only those two green guitars (Surf and Sweet Pea). Everyone on Reddit preaches to the bible of littleredguitars2 and everything he said/continues to say. Even one of the mods of that sub, who I've spoken with and is a super nice guy, got downvoted trying to discuss this further. @FAPLORDif you have any questions about Tom's guitars, ask any of us. Everyone on reddit is indeed full of shit.
  5. That is indeed lighting from the camera flash/studio that doesn't showcase the details of the pickups. The red guitar did not undergo any pickup changes. It is also far more likely it was suggested to Tom to change the pickups in his Sticker Strat. He wasn't, and still really isn't, a gear nerd like we are. If you still think there's more beef in the cheshire guitar sound, its probably the sticker strat (position 4, hot rails + stock middle). Don't forget that they redid guitar parts sometime after the 10/7/94 SOMA show, where it made it's first appearance. Mark mentioned it during the stage banter.
  6. No, he wouldn’t have known (or possibly cared) about other pickups. Dollars to donuts it’s the sticker strat pre-X2N, just waiting for some incriminating info to back that up. Until then, it’s the red Buddha strat with stock single coils.
  7. My top 10 Wagon songs go something like this (in no order): 1. Rifle (Hoss) 2. Lullaby (Blaze) 3. Unfurnished (Double Plaidinum) 4. Stop Whining (Duh) 5. One More Song (Hang) 6. Change Despair (Feelings) 7. The Chemist (Live In A Dive) 8. Sad Astronaut (Resolve) 9. Bye For Now (Trashed) 10. Dark Matter (Railer) I'd have to do a separate ranking for the outtakes from all their records. So many bangers there too!
  8. That Cheers video does bring up another amp settings mystery. I was able to get this screenshot and I adjusted the brightness/levels a bit: On channel two: Pre amp: ?????? Gain: between 1 and 2 o' clock Low: 9 o' clock Mid: 11 o' clock FREQ: 2 High: between 9 and 10 o' clock Reverb: between 9 and 10 o' clock (this was always turned off, but worth noting) Master: slightly past noon I've seen this video a bunch and just noticed this. Could these settings possibly be the answer to the Uranus era sound???
  9. Totally lost this photo, need to add it to my amp references! In all of my research into the series, I've never found any of the VL amps (single and dual channel) with a gray control panel, they were always black. I would suggest in the DML photo that is also flash information from the camera. You can see in this video from Cheers (3-21-96) the same VL amp as the practice shot, custom plate and everything, with a black panel.
  10. So @daveyjones@blinkstillrules once again revisiting the Kerry Key Whiskey photo: As Mark shared on discord some time ago, the 4x12 cabinet that we forever assumed was a part of his rig was actually part of Toms that he used as a monitor. Looking at this photo again, I conjecture this practice dates back to 1996. I think that second Ampeg is another 1002 that is running to the Ampeg 4x12 sitting with Mark's rig. Also, what makes the second amp appear grey in this photo is the flash information from Kerry's camera and/or stage lights. Channel two on both amps are engaged as well. Here's Mark's rig from the same photo; note the Ampeg 4x12 sitting on top of his SVT-II:
  11. Me as well. It’s a huge bummer, even though it’s only a demo tape in the grand scheme of things. I understand there’d be quite a few hurdles to leap in order for a proper release to happen.
  12. Some more great shots of the back. You can see the alien head sticker; from a skate company called alien workshop. There's also a bunch of 'mystery meat' on the back that is not identifiable. Montreal: Nile Theater:
  13. Upon closer inspection, you may be right! Appears to be a yellow/black die cut of their classic logo
  14. This was a seldom used backup guitar to Tom's main Sticker Strat in 1997. As blinkstillrules mentioned it made only three documented appearances, all in that year: - Nile Theater Mesa AZ, June 21st (set entirety) - Orange Pavilion CA, September 6th (Josie & Touchdown Boy) - Metropolis, Montreal, October 2nd (Untitled to end of the show) The specs it shares with the main sticker are the HSS pickup configuration and the rosewood fretboard. The features that distinguish the two are: - Off-white color (as opposed to bright white) - Wildly different stickers - Stock neck and middle single coil pickups - Black bridge humbucker, not angled I have theory about the humbucker in this guitar; that its an SD Invader. I think Tom decided it sounded better than the X2N that was in his main Sticker Strat. He later used the Invader pickup in his Les Paul's, and of course all of his signature Fender strats. Also, listening to the October 2nd 97 show (specifically Dammit) to me the tone sounds closer to his 1999-2000 live tone. As far as the stickers go, the only one that is confirmed is the b&w alien workshop sticker on the back. We have a theory that the r/w/b sticker on the pickguard is billabong; it is very similar looking to their waves logo. Until then, it is up for conjecture what Tom slapped on this thing. More photos/references: Montreal, 10/2/97; gotta keep those spare picks under that pickguard! Nile Theater, 6/21/97; you can see here Tom didn't stick anything on the sides However, he did put something on the back of the headstock. If you look closely, you can see a serial number at the bottom left. This indicates this guitar is another Fender Strat, but a regular American Standard model. Here's an example of a 1997 American Standard Strat headstock. Front: Back (serial number placement matches):
  15. I agree with Dammit being the funniest. It’s also where I got my start with the band and the Sticker Strat.
  16. Some more photos of the 2021 Sticker Strat from Tom's manager Jeff! You can see clear as day outlines for the Descendents album titles and the X in NOFX Of course the first thing I did was check that friggin' serial number; N391934. And... N serial Fenders indicate it was made in the 1990's, 3 meaning it left the factory in 1993 or early 1994. Confirming the original guitar is indeed a 40th Anniversary Strat! It is also needing a big helping of tlc. Fresh intonation and setup (saddles not staggered properly). Possibly a new pickguard *sigh* you can see its warped by the bridge.
  17. Of all the times I've watched this interview, I never knew this was at the Epitaph office. The more you know! This was actually a conversation I had with a few friends some years ago; what if blink signed with Epitaph? Musically I think they would've perfected the Dude Ranch sound. Oh the stuff that makes you wonder...
  18. This right here. As far as I understand it, he wasn’t keen on signing with MCA. Scotty wanted to sign with Epitaph.
  19. All I know of the ones on THIS guitar is the green NOFX sticker, which is readily available for purchase from Interpunk.com! https://www.interpunk.com/item.cfm?Item=7100& Most of the others, like the sticker strat, are lost to the sands of time and would need to be digitally recreated.
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