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  1. I love Minshew man. Dudes a legend!
  2. Hell yea I saw that! Unexpected from the Colts, get that W!
  3. Peters out for Harambe!
  4. Na, “Peters out” has a totally different meaning for me if you catch my drift
  5. It’s game day baby, let’s goooooo!!!! In Motor City Dan Campbell we trust! Someone gave this magnet to me in Detroit when I went to the game last week
  6. https://www.tmz.com/2023/09/24/malibu-mayor-slams-kourtney-kardashian-baby-shower-fraud-permit-party/
  7. Stop trying to hijack this thread!
  8. I get what you meant by the context, I’ve just never heard that term before. “Peters out”
  9. I just want to say…long live blink-182 let’s get them to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! My only goal
  10. Edging doesn’t belong on Dude Ranch bro come on meow
  11. Whoa, nice catch. I always thought that was a sweater in ATST
  12. Quit disturbing us haters and our peace!
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