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  1. I consider you to be an AAA bot. Untitled really isn’t blink after all
  2. I was about to be so annoyed by the same mid ass post but you exceeded expectations
  3. I agree for sure. He definitely exposed them to different types of music they wouldn’t have listened to and opened up their minds as musicians and what’s possible
  4. Yea I mean most of the songs we have now from enema and beyond wouldnt have been possible without Travis. People can bring up Jerry Finn all they want and yes he’s a key ingredient as well, but not as much as Travis. WMAA and ATST which blasted blink into the stratosphere wouldn’t have happened with Scott. The arrangements would be completely different. Respect to Scott, but I’m sick of hearing fans talk about “how good of a punk drummer he is.” Lol dude sucks compared to drummers from bands like Lagwagon, nofx, Pennywise, Strung Out, etc. That being said, I’ve always thought the version of Mutt with Scott is rad. They could still have made some cool music with Scott beyond Dude Ranch but no way in hell they wind up with the career they had with Travis
  5. Yea dude all the AI songs can get in the bin, to be sure
  6. I mean if you aren’t a little off in some way you really don’t belong here
  7. I do like his channel. He’s an intelligent guy, and a little weird like us. He’s coo in my book
  8. I’m your biggest fan. Hit me back, just to chat.
  9. Oh the opinion that Led Zeppelin isn’t good? Glad to see you progress!
  10. I dunno but you got Davey Jones’s number?
  11. It still needs more time. Hasn’t been a full year
  12. Hell yea dude Tom monkey branching from his ex-wife to some other dude’s wife was definitely a major adversity
  13. Yea I haven’t heard about it in a while. Doesn’t make sense to put your dick in it though, lol, so it’s possible it could also mean something else
  14. Lol Ovaltine is/was? a type of nutritional chocolatey milk type drink. I just remember commercials saying “rich chocolatey ovaltine”
  15. I would expect more from that if Tim Armstrong was involved but what do I know
  16. God damnit don’t tease me with a Mesa Boogie like that
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