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  1. I mean, chesire cat? There’s really only an album worth of songs aside from DR with Scott. And yes I’m aware of Buddha and the Uranus ep. Kind of a pointless topic
  2. Jordan Love is a dawg…looking like it. My biggest fear lmao
  3. Yea I think you’re right, I just had to put on loud bass heavy headphones to hear it but sounds like it’s still there
  4. Yea, they finally did something different and outside the box, and then they remove it. Travis has already addressed with a tweet confirming to the casuals that yes it is (was) in fact double bass. Now it’s gone. Stupid
  5. The mix is definitely different. And now the double bass is gone on the chorus of More Than You Know. What the fuck?
  6. Bro is this your first year doing fantasy? Why on earth would you start Lions defense lmao
  7. Bro wtf. I’m so embarrassed. I really hope nobody here that never watches football watched that game of all games yesterday. Fucking A. Hope you had a good turkey day
  8. An album could still be cohesive regardless of who is doing what.
  9. “From what I gather,” coming from a blink-182online.com board member. Let’s not pretend this is verification, lol.
  10. The guitar player in the band actually recording the guitar parts makes it cohesive?
  11. Yea I know. At this point I was just trying get a reaction. I’ll drop the schtick
  12. I am dude, sorry but I had all but dropped this schtick until this week when Jan had to try and poke the bear. Still got ton of respect for Tom and the boys but it’s just being phoned in these days. Which I guess is better than nothing
  13. I mean the fact that they’re sitting there literally telling you Aaron re wrote the song and chords should kill your enjoyment but I’m sorry for relaying what was already said?
  14. Sorry you can’t admit the obvious truth lol
  15. This further proves my point. Guaranteed you’re hearing a lot of guitar work done by Aaron and Ilan on this record
  16. And literally everything Tom does is golden on here and gets constantly simped for. Even when he’s not playing guitar live!
  17. Lol what’s up with you guys simping for people who need backing tracks to do their job for them? I’m not simping for Ryan at all. Just saying obviously some people hating on him are clearly jealous he’s getting to talk to people they wish they could. The two are not exclusive
  18. Like you wouldn’t be doing the same. Y’all act like you’d actually challenge him and question his work, lol. Gtfo
  19. Good grief. You don’t have to like the dude and sure he is probably a trust fund baby, but this just reeks of jealousy.
  20. We never agreed to meet up. You’re literally lying saying I pulled an Oliver. Yea, I said at one point it would be cool to meet up. You hitting me up on a Wednesday and me not being able to clear plans for 3 days later doesn’t mean I’m pulling an Oliver or backing out of plans in the slightest
  21. Oliver actually made plans to meet up and then bailed literally the day of. We never had plans to meet up. You hit me up yesterday asking to meet up this weekend and I can’t. That’s not the same at all but go ahead and try to spin it however you’d like.
  22. A weird flake? I never made plans with you to begin with and you hit me up last minute after ghosting me last weekend. Sorry I couldn’t drop everything for you. And then the fact the weekend you supposedly want to meet up coincides with the timing of you trying to produce something for your competition? Lol na son, I’m busy this weekend 😎
  23. 6’4” is really not that tall, people act like Tom is Shaq or something lol
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