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  1. Texas Toast    FAPLORD

  2. Texas Toast    Texas Toast

  3. Timmy Two Nuts    Texas Toast

  4. Johnny Two Bags    Timmy Two Nuts

  5. Bobby Patel    Johnny Two Bags

  6. Machine Gun Skelly    Bobby Patel

  7. Machine Gun Smelly    Machine Gun Skelly

  8. Mohammad Wall-E    Machine Gun Smelly

  9. Diddy Faplord    Mohammad Wall-E

  10. Skiba’s in great shape    Diddy Faplord

  11. Diddy Faplord    Skiba’s in great shape

  12. The Bean Twiddler    Diddy Faplord

  13. Speedo's Disciple    The Bean Twiddler

  14. Diddy Faplord    Speedo's Disciple

  15. Oliver’s Flaccid Penis    Diddy Faplord

  16. Clarke is a Bad Ass    Oliver’s Flaccid Penis

  17. Clarke Has Herpes    Clarke is a Bad Ass

  18. Chillin4alivin    Clarke Has Herpes

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