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  1. lol that chain smokers song is old news bears.
  2. lol never even heard of this brand before. But somehow she got $4million worth of goods stolen and a random note? https://www.tmz.com/2024/02/27/kourtney-kardashian-supplement-lemme-facility-truck-robbed-ransom-note/
  3. I’ve never in all my years had chucks. I have flat feet and have to imagine they would be very uncomfortable for me
  4. Movie about the Detroit Lions at 8.
  5. Adio was a sweet brand, they had cool shoes too
  6. Yea i used to be obsessed with black and green, and those look more like Jordan’s than DC. Found em out in the wild but barely ever wore them so they’re pretty much still brand new. And those ones you posted are def the generic DCs everyone had
  7. I already have the sickest pair around. You just inspired me to grab these out of the closet and clean them up. They got all dusty at the beach like 2 years ago and I haven’t worn them since. Time to restore them to glory
  8. lol you wanna see the death of malls personified? Come see me and I’ll take you to courtland center in flint
  9. Yea I know what you’re saying. Everyone was wearing DC’s for a while. But they weren’t all trying to be skaters, they were just cool shoes. Do I have to be a runner to wear Nike Air Max? lol
  10. lol. DC was a poser shoe but Nike wasn’t? Ok Jan. Either way that whole outlook is dumb. Do people have to play basketball to wear basketball shoes?
  11. I still remember being in a Taco Bell around age 14 or so, and wearing a pair of DCs or some other popular skate shoes because that was the look back then. Some older skater kid came over and chastised me, talking condesendingly to me like “oh, you skate, bro?” Basically calling me a poser. lol
  12. lol. I was never a skateboarder and never pretended to be so don’t worry. My friend had a quarter pipe in his garage and I smashed my face trying to drop one day and never tried it again
  13. It was lame, but you got to see blink a lot. But jackass was awesome, and so was Rob and Big. Bam Margera is a douche and I never got into Viva La Bam though
  14. Bruh I bet $20 you can’t even do an olly lol
  15. Oh so you never heard of Jackass, Bam Margera, or Rob Drydek? Interesting
  16. Skating died off? Or just wasn’t all over MTV anymore? You do realize things still exist outside of mainstream media, right?
  17. Yea you and Jan go at it. I’ll pay $10 for that, how’s that sound?
  18. lol if im gonna learn blink songs I’ll learn from the man himself. Any other bands or material I have no problem seeking out other sources. You’ve still never posted your guitar playing
  19. Yea I dunno I just never had a great experience on there. I just wanted his accurate tabs for the new blink songs. But I purchased that about a month ago and never learned so I canceled because I’m lazy lol
  20. It ain’t that serious tho I barely play. Paid for that sub while I was hammered and was just talking shit to Jan here
  21. Na I don’t trust that shit. Don’t have time to sift through different versions all day to find the right one lol
  22. lol. His Patreon has updated tabs and shit to go with lessons. I paid for a month when I was drunk one night then I realized I never practice or anything so I already cancelled it. Not to say I won’t pay again if I find the time. The most expensive subscription was only $10
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