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  1. He said a whole lot of nothing about anything.
  2. Pretty much. You thought MGK created that? Lmfao shame on you
  3. I don’t understand how you can think that edging is blink’s “timeless” sound. I just don’t hear it at all
  4. You are the moron, I don’t give a fuck if that was a lyric, you were still making up more stories 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂
  5. How dumb are you? You made up a story about her asking if you wanted a dirty bitch. That’s not anymore far fetched than what I said. You really, really, and I mean really, need to lay off the percs. You have zero critical thinking ability. When you wanna do that IQ test?
  6. It does make sense. Tim Armstrong was her husband at the time, and if we’re just making up stories like you, let’s make them fun! don’t know too much about Josh Homme and don’t care about him. You talking down on people for being “violent” is funny, because all you do is talk shit online. You’re a little keyboard warrior dork and that’s all you’ll ever be
  7. You trying to call another man a mess is rich. I respect a violent man (not against women or children) a hell of a lot more than an internet dweeb like you who only talks shit online and would never have the gull to say shit in person.
  8. And then Tim Armstrong cucked her by putting his dick in your mouth?
  9. According to Tom. He said he wanted a break to be with family then immediately launched the lame AAA
  10. If you see the teal strat on my account page, das me
  11. Lol speaking of Mike Ness, I know he had a hair transplant as well. You can see the seriously receding hairline he had in around the 2010s and now it’s much fuller
  12. Looks like his hairline is starting to grow in…just a little bit. It’s not fully developed yet. Wait patiently with grace…for the album and Tom’s hairline.
  13. Lol so it’s just a beat? And people comparing it to 21 Pilots? Once again people overreacting and not even knowing what they’re talking about
  14. Where’s this snippet of a song Travis posted?
  15. Oh you poor entitled baby, show me where Mark hurt you!
  16. Fans like you truly don’t deserve shit
  17. Yea ok, DTS Jr. Was so funny it didn’t get any reactions lol.
  18. No. I said they were cheaper and you went on your spiel about I better not be talking about the electricity bill and made some other remarks about me living in my moms basement. Don’t make me go back and find it. I’m not insecure about the situation or I would have never told you guys in the first place. Just don’t act phony and then take cheap shots at me, then try and play like you were just joking. I can take jokes, especially if it’s relevant to the conversation. Which your remarks weren’t. Your energy sucks. Or maybe you’e just dumb, probably both.
  19. Na, the fact that I can’t comment on an air fryer without you trying to make fun of me for my living situation a few years ago says a lot more about you than it does me. Sorry, but that wasn’t a joke. It was just a weak, insecure, and unprovoked remark that was irrelevant to the conversation. And that wasn’t the first time. Shouldn’t you be simping for Oliver some more? Woosah.
  20. Not as cool as yours. I hope you get some balls one day, your little basement jokes reek of insecurity.
  21. If you’re going to talk about reading comprehension, let’s talk about your writing. Did you specify that it felt like that for yourself personally, or did you just say that it felt like that which insinuates it felt like that for all fans? Hmmm… shut up and take the L dummy , it didn’t feel like that for anybody . TOYPAJ was a magical era and the band was at the height of their commercial success and popularity for the release of it. Edging doesn’t even remotely come close to that hype LOL.
  22. I’m speaking for the hype from both eras and yes, it’s not even close. Comparing Edgings release to the anticipation between their two most commercially successful albums, during the peak of MTV and TRL…yea…you sound dumb
  23. No it didn’t, not even close. Damn you’re dumb as fuck sometimes.
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