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  1. Lol god damnit, I’m always the one to correct spelling. I’m sleepy today and I deserved this
  2. Dude his whole style now is so wack. I don’t get it, was the same for 25 years and now he dresses like a 7th grader who just got a gift certificate to Hot Topic.
  3. I prefer them much over what his voice became on albums to come…in my eyes this is the last true blink album
  4. Yea that line absolutely makes me cringe now lol
  5. I understand that but I never said, “you’re wrong!” And didn’t argue about what the song is actually called, because nobody debated what it was called. Simply said you’ve been wrong in your life before, meaning past tense. It was a joke
  6. I know I was just being silly and he got all serious. I said “so you were wrong once in your life” I mean come on that’s obviously being sarcastic
  7. "we called it Hold On when it came out" You were wrong, at this place in time, many years ago. That's what I meant, nothing more, nothing less. Go take a lap
  8. I didn't insist that you insisted it was called Hold On.
  9. Exactly, I just texted my buddy this , it's weird they omitted "that" from the title
  10. Looks like you have been wrong about something in your life after all
  11. Fa sho. I also do think the rebellious stuff was coming from a legit place, although they knew what they were doing with marketing it. The boys of blink grew up doing rebellious things…it’s not their fault some of their fans were goody too shoes that only listened to all the small things lol
  12. Looking back now, they were lol. But I was at the perfect age, I was 14 when TOYPAJ came out.
  13. That song can get in the bin , shut up and this yawn of a song were two mistakes, especially to end the album with
  14. Yea reckless abandon would probably be my 4th favorite. That was the blink I loved, I was a pretty rebellious kid , so the weed and alcohol references were right up my alley lol.
  15. 3 absolute bangers! I recently learned how to play Dont tell me it’s over and time to break up correctly all the way through on guitar, now I gotta nail down give me one good reason. Such fun songs
  16. You learn something new every day.
  17. Is your name supposed to be Queef?
  18. I don’t mind Everytime I Look For You but I don’t understand the legendary status a lot of fans give it. The “will the last one out please shut the door” line always came across as extremely lazy in my opinion
  19. Agreed. What are you favorite songs from TOYPAJ? Mine are give me one good reason, and then the two electric bonus songs. I hate it that friends who know I’m into blink assume I’m rocking out to first date 😅 lol
  20. I’m totally with you on the guitar riff thing as well by the way!
  21. The more and more I look back on everything, the closer they actually were to boybands than I used to think. “Hey let’s try to show everyone we’re not a boy band”…proceeds to all start wearing the same outfit and colors…lets their non-musical manager tell them they need to write cheesy songs they end up hating…I still say First Date is such a lame song, especially with where they were in their careers at that point. Yes, the video was great but they could have made the same video for any song
  22. I’m not even going to read your mumble jargon. The point is you made a ridiculous statement that only enema and DR was available to compare TOYPAJ to, which again, is just utterly false and stupid. But hey if that’s the hill you want to die on, go ahead!
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