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  1. 6 minutes ago, twentytwenty said:

    I'm just happy that after the whole Eddie Breckenridge debacle that Matt has actually come in as a real band member and that they are collaborating more and actually functioning as a band.

    But when have Tom used "a ton of writers" though? Are Aaron so good of a writer so that he passes for a ton? 😘😅

    I agree that’s why I say nine is the worst offender. Nothing really wrong with Tom using his band mates and producer to write songs with. My Gripe with Tom is his shitty singing 

  2. Just now, Shit Poster said:

    The distinction between California/Deluxe being one/two albums is meaningless. It's still the quantity of songs that matters.

    I just provided examples of songs on California that involved outside writers and you did nothing to rebut that and then claimed victory. Lol 

    I didn’t see you list those songs. Either way I don’t care because I think it’s lame as fuck on both parts (mark and Tom) using tons of writers. And I gotta say NINE is obviously the worst offender. Does that make you happy?

  3. 20 minutes ago, Shit Poster said:

    California, Deluxe, and NINE. NINE had a lot of songwriters (weren't there like 7 on one song?), and I know California did too (Patrick Stump helped write Sober, right? And I recall the title track also was written by someone else). 


    Triggered? As far as I’m concerned, California and deluxe is one album. And they wrote with Feldman not a team of writers as you discussed on those songs. So yup, that leaves you with 1 album of multi writers. Good try tho! Living up to your name 

  4. 1 minute ago, Shit Poster said:

    Nah, he hates on Tom every chance he gets and it's just weird at this point. 

    If you don't see a difference between having a few (or dozens?) of people write 3 albums vs. what Tom is doing, then you can't really see nuance. 

    3 albums? Where you getting that number from? Seems like you’re biased as well and don’t know what you’re talking about. You should just stick to playing Rock Band, you have no chance on a real drum set 

  5. 42 minutes ago, bojangles said:

    Was it discussed yet that Tom wrote “yead” in the lyrics for this song. Fucking brilliant 

    And why is that brilliant? Jesus Christ , Tom bots at it again, like I’ve said before. Tom farts and they go “omg it’s the best thing I’ve ever heard, he’s a fucking pioneer!”

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  6. 15 minutes ago, Ghent said:

    Oh so what I've been saying for years?!

    I’ll still take Mark all day over Tom. At least Mark still sounds like he did years ago and sounds way better singing live than Tom does. Tom should just stop singing altogether. How embarrassing 

  7. 12 minutes ago, wannabe corn dog said:

    it's actually the same argument you keep picking every month. it's an insanely different situation between the two bands. 

    tom demos out all of the songs he writes and then ilan (the drummer of the band) and his brother add additional instrumentation. 

    mark purchases full songs from top 40 songwriters and then adds a few lines about melting popsicles. 

    Lol you act as if you know that for a fact. Like you’re there in the room while AVA creates their songs. Gtfo with your biased bullshit and get your mouth off of Tom’s ding-a-ling 

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  8. 28 minutes ago, twentytwenty said:

    Musically, they have never sounded this good live. It's kinda crazy how much of a lift they got with Ilan and Matt.

    But yeah, Tom is clearly no Katy Perry, even if he believe as much himself judging on how they built the stage for this tour.

    Lol as if Katy Perry is the example for good live singing. 

    also, sounds like AvA is using multiple back tracks. Lame!

  9. 6 minutes ago, boxelder said:

    so, i got to see green day live for the first time last night and was honestly blown away. extremely tight as a band, high-energy, old-school rock showmanship/crowd work, fans coming up onstage… it was just a great show. it got me thinking about how much blink truly sucks live,  and why that is. and i guess the difference is that neither mark or tom have a big interest in classic rock showmanship, and that’s okay. tom also clearly has little interest in music anymore, whereas the whole green day entourage seems like it’s the first gig they’ve ever played. that enthusiasm really translates well to a big crowd given that these bands will never play smaller rooms again, and it’s something blink sorely lacks. apples to oranges i guess, but green day live was extremely fun in a way blink has never been for me

    Green Day is just a much better band, as far as musicianship goes. I love blink a billion times more, but it’s the truth. Without the studio magic Mark and Tom would have never sounded good. They were capable of being fairly good live, but that was during a time when they were still excited about their careers and were trying. That didn’t last very long. 

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  10. 43 minutes ago, wannabe corn dog said:

    unpopular opinion - tom sounds "good" in these videos. i think the sinus surgery helped him breathe more. i didn't think he'd be able to sing this song at all. the live mix recorded through an iphone or whatever makes it sound way worse than it probably is. 


    also, timebomb has a ghost on the dance floor sound to me. i like it.

    That’s going to be the popular opinion amongst your fellow Tom Bots. To anyone with an unbiased ear he still sounds like trash 

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  11. 8 minutes ago, tussy said:

    Interesting they played Euphoria a whole step down, I guess for Tom to hit the notes in the chorus a bit easier. The recorded one is in D but they played it in C last night, never thought I’d witness Drop C tuning in AVA 😆

    How could you tell 

  12. On 7/21/2021 at 12:07 PM, Speedo said:

    In 2004 I bought On The Front Line at Walmart. I'm not a Casualties fan but it's nice to have evidence of their selling out in case it ever comes up. Corporate shills!

    That’s crazy that it was at Walmart 

  13. 39 minutes ago, Kay said:

    Doesn't strike me as your sortve thing, if you wanna give him another go though try his stand up special "what." it's a little more straight forward. 

    Yea it didn’t strike me as my sort of thing either. I didn’t laugh at all but I tried to fake laugh to make my gf feel better lol

  14. 15 hours ago, Kay said:

    No joke I've been singing this to myself practically every day since INSIDE came out. 

    My gf just me introduced me to this guy. I didn’t really find him funny at all but maybe I gotta watch some more 

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