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  1. Played like 5 shows in high school over half my life ago. You really got me there too bud. Lol talk about arguing to argue.
  2. No, I just know that the radio is fucking garbage and I can find much better content on Spotify and letting that pick songs for me. I could easily call you or anyone who listens to the radio narrow minded for not thinking for yourself and just listening to whatever comes on , because hey, that’s the cool thing to do
  3. Dude you’re being a fucking douche. It’s a very simple point. Tom and Mark made fans by making fun of other pop radio artists. Those fans are here on this board, making fun of other people for making fun of pop artists, despite being fans of guys widely known for making fun of said pop artists. Sorry that it’s too simple for you to comprehend and you have to go talking schematics that literally have ZERO to do with anything I said, and absolutely do not NEGATE what I said
  4. Backing my poor argument? About how there is irony of fans on a board for a band that became widely popular by making fun of other pop artists, are now making fun of me for making fun of pop artists? Well, seems like you’re the one without an argument here pal. There was no argument, just stated irony and here you go trying to argue over nothing . Sorry but you make no sense on this one bud
  5. Umm biggest reason probably because I don’t record music and I’m a 34 year old bald guy who has made no effort. But sure, I’ll go with what you said.
  6. Well i do. And I have no problem with it. I’ll find the music I need on my own , I have no interest in the Flavor of the Week…unless it’s American Hi-Fi
  7. I really don’t understand where you’re going with this. Once again, irrelevant. I’m not disagreeing with any of that but none of that has to do with anything I said. There are also plenty of interviews where Mark and Tom make fun of pop artists and say they suck. Yes they were a pop band. But they also at least wrote their own music, owned the rights to their music and started organically. That makes them different than the Backstreet Boys whether you want to admit it or not. And they made fun of pop bands, in videos and interviews, which is what I was referring to.
  8. I was younger and dumber 20+ years ago? As well I don’t believe Spotify and YouTube existed to give me all the music I need at my own fingertips. I don’t understand why anyone would even waste their time with radio and listening to what someone else is telling them to listen to. The whole idea is extremely outdated and I’m just not down with it. That doesn’t mean I care about cred, good music is good music.
  9. When the fuck did I ever start talking about cred or underground? I simply said I reject pop radio of today. And that at a time blink made fun of it too (which is 100% true and it doesn’t matter that they were part of that same pop radio-I’m well aware of that, thanks for trying to step in an correct me tho thou holy one). This was never some punk rock credibility discussion
  10. Well that’s the difference between me and you, I do assume it’s trash if it’s on popular radio today. Absolutely without question. Every blue moon we’ll get an Adele or someone who is actually talented and has soul, but 99 times out of 100 it’s some bullshit that gets forgotten within 2 years
  11. Lol I don’t care about cred where the fuck did I say that? I just know that if music is on the radio it generally is generic, soulless and sucks ass. I’m by far not alone on that assessment. This has nothing to do with cred, Speedo is just trying to take it that route
  12. Totally irrelevant but good work
  13. That’s not the discussion here. Whether you believe the Schtick or not, blink made fun of pop artists. Now I’m being made fun of for the same thing, on a blink board. That’s the irony. Quit trying to look too deep into and trying to give me a lesson that I already am aware of, thank you
  14. My point went over your head. You know blink did exist before their MTV days too, right?
  15. You don’t have to have edge to not like shitty pop radio. Believe it or not boys and girls, there was actually a time when blink stood against and made fun of this shit. But here I am being the one made fun of on a blink board for not liking that trash. Oh the irony lol
  16. I’ve never even heard of her. Guess I’m behind the times
  17. Never heard it, I don’t listen to the radio, and certainly not pop radio. Gross. Carry on.
  18. It would most likely be a more bland and boring Neighborhoods, as if that is somehow possible. Although I do believe Mark will be capable of some good songs, especially after this cancer experience. And honestly, Matt’s voice is a thousand times better than Tom’s current voice as a fit for blink. At least there’s a touch of masculinity and some balls there, I can’t stand Tom’s current voice or singing style for the life of me. It definitely doesn’t work with blink. And some people here (ahem Mike!) can convince themselves otherwise, but the truth is NOBODY would be listening to it or tolerating that shit if he hadn’t been a member of blink.
  19. Well if you’re loving the new AVA and are expecting that with blink, don’t , unless Ilan Rubin joins because he is basically AVA at this point
  20. Just being honest. No salt involved. It’s what happens to every band. You have a limited heyday. Surely you don’t believe Tom rejoins blink in 2025 and returns with a kick ass album lol
  21. With Tom involved, it won’t be any good. Dudes well past his prime and needs writers just to produce ANY volume of music. And that music blows. Even if you like it, it’s light years away from prime blink. Blinks never gonna be blink again folks, just face the music
  22. I’m pretty sure they were a Christian band. Where I’m from the only way you’re playing a gig is in a church, whether you’re a Christian band or not. So I always had to hang around dorky Christian kids to get gigs lol, and they all loved MxPX. I’ve seen an interview with Mike Herrera and he acknowledged that they were but aren’t anymore. I guess they lost their faith and are going to hell now
  23. I mean, it wasn’t extreme. I said that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen and that it’s not funny. That’s just my interpretation but by no means extreme. I do appreciate your concern about my well being though, you are a gentleman.
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