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  1. That sounds about right. Tom would respect Bill Stevenson as he’s a member of Descendents. That guy also produced one of A Day To Remember’s album, and they did it all old school/analog I believe instead of computers.
  2. Apparently you didn’t catch my sarcasm as I was basically quoting Tom lol
  3. Hahaha good for you bud. Tombots hate me for calling out on their shit. Quite frankly I’m glad you feel that way corny Tom bot
  4. AVA is a waste of time, but your fantasy blink scenario will never happen. Tom is blink. Tom started blink. It’s still his band! IF, and that’s a big IF Tom ever returns, he ain’t acknowledging the Skiba era or any Skiba songs lol.
  5. Lol of course they are. Tom will never do any wrong in someone like you’s eyes.
  6. If you can’t beat em, join em. Lol
  7. Sheesh! Seriously though, how many times has he brought up nursery rhymes on meth. Scares me and makes me wonder he has meth on the brain a little too often.
  8. Is he smoking weed again? I saw he posted some pics in a Mickey Mouse hat, and my Eskimo Brother commented “Mickey mouse after burning those backwoods” or something like that. To which Travis replied with a smoke/cloud emoji. I thought he couldn’t smoke anymore because of some throat cancer threat ?
  9. I was thinking the same thing. That is wild
  10. Remember when Mark interviewed Tom and Angels and Fartwaves?
  11. Hey man I’m not hating, enjoy what you like!
  12. Pretty much anything is superior to Bowling For Soup lol
  13. It sounds way too similar to “Makes No Difference” by Sum 41 which was released first. And I guess the singer of SR-71 has been responsible for writing shitty pop songs for tons of shitty pop artists, which I didn’t realize, but my original analysis checks out lol
  14. Haha mine are particularly ugly as well, I have fat big toes lmao. You’re welcome. I hope next time you’re jerking it to pics of women’s feet this image gets thrown back in your head
  15. So do a lot of shit songs. But don’t let me stop you from your SR-71 fetish!
  16. Song is cheeeeezy. Do you hear the lyrics? Lol. Sounds like a blatant rip off from Sum 41’s Half Hour of Power
  17. Plus TBS isn’t really pop punk anyways
  18. I know , I figured that much but just saying..what was up with all the numbers lol
  19. Omg I just cringed so hard trying to go back and watch that video. Never cared for it back then either but sheesh! That didn’t age well. That dudes like a 35 year old with the haircut of a Karen trying to stay young with way too many ear piercings. The red pants. Pukeeeee. Also why did every band have to try and have a number in their name? That’s such a cringe sum41 rip off song lol.
  20. How many empire club subscriptions has he sold? That’s what we’re talking about, don’t try to play dumb on me! Lol
  21. Not if people realize you’re full of shit and a lot of people don’t buy it in the first place. A smart business move is putting out a quality product.
  22. You should call billboard instead
  23. Based off of billboard numbers. Already been discussed
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