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  1. They only played that little part? Ugh. I’ll try to keep it down but wtf. Why not play the whole fucking song and show you still are capable of a raw performance and put it out there. God damnit. Guess it was way too much to ask without “full production.”
  2. Hate amps? And way to try and sell backing tracks as “extra live tracks”, lol the salesman in me can appreciate that
  3. I can take a shit on your porch and call it art.
  4. Yea I’m just saying the progression of music videos really did fuck music up. It became more about the image and less about the music
  5. The video killed the radio star. The concept of videos videos was always trash. They made it not about the music and now look at the shit that’s popular. We got people who don’t even care about back tracks or lip syncing now and it all started because of the music video
  6. Just throwing this out there…any drummer who uses a bass drum trigger live is a chump.
  7. Yea it’s weird that it now sounds like a normal single pedal beat without loud enough bass in your audio system you’re using. Did they just quiet down every other bass drum hit to make it sound like that? I’m utterly confused
  8. Yea I mean the guitars do sound better in my opinion, they could have just lowered the drums a little bit but I don’t understand the point of making that double bass inaudible now. Oh well, guess you can’t have it all.
  9. Exactly. Can’t hear it now unless you have headphones with a lot of bass
  10. I mean, chesire cat? There’s really only an album worth of songs aside from DR with Scott. And yes I’m aware of Buddha and the Uranus ep. Kind of a pointless topic
  11. Jordan Love is a dawg…looking like it. My biggest fear lmao
  12. Yea I think you’re right, I just had to put on loud bass heavy headphones to hear it but sounds like it’s still there
  13. Yea, they finally did something different and outside the box, and then they remove it. Travis has already addressed with a tweet confirming to the casuals that yes it is (was) in fact double bass. Now it’s gone. Stupid
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