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  1. California has like... mayyyyybe 6 great songs, and that's even including the deluxe songs too. I hate how "Kings of the Weekend" is pretty much the only song that has a little bit of an instrumental part in the middle of the song. Every other song has vocals going 98% of the time, with Woahs and Ohs filling in the empty space, and it just makes every song feel the same. "California" and "Bottom of the Ocean" are in my bottom 10 Blink songs ever.

    The only songs I ever go back to are Bored To Death, She's Out Of Her Mind, The Only Thing That Matters, Rabbit Hole, and San Diego. And even out of those songs, I think the only real standout is Bored To Death. 

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  2. realistic:
    - mark is still on the mend, so nothing really new will be released this year. 
    - new music (maybe just an EP) and a summer tour in 2023.
    - maybe tom plays a handful of shows for a small run of west coast dates, or just a couple california shows (LA/SD)

    what i'd like to see happen:
    - mark gets the ok from scott and tom to release a bunch of the old blink demos he's discovered. maybe some deluxe versions of a couple of their older albums. 
    - i'd like to see a proper nine tour happen in 2023 before they completely move on to the next era of the band.
    - maybe a new one-off EP with tom, but he doesn't join the band full time again. 
    - tom and travis do a BCR show and release that new song they've hinted at for an anniversary release of the album. 

  3. In October 2020, I was working from home (due to the pandemic) and I woke up one day thinking "it would be cool to write an entire EP, record it, and release it all in a single day..." So during work, I was writing songs, and then after work I recorded the songs and put them up on Bandcamp. And I haven't stopped... I'm currently working on my 7th EP. Here's some jams! Hope some people here dig it. 



  4. If Mark refuses to release these relics unless he gets Scott's permission, I can't imagine they'll ever be officially released, honestly.

    They haven't talked to Scott since like 1998, supposedly, right? And their breakup wasn't on good terms, so why would Scott even give them the time of day at this point? And is Mark even willing to reach out to Scott personally? I just don't see them talking...

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  5. On 3/4/2022 at 4:59 AM, Thibaut182 said:

    New show discovery! (unknown date as of present but Blink were opening for the Vandals in the basement of a venue called DV8)

    Huge credits to Twitter user MeatVoltron for sharing this!


    I just found the official date and information regarding this show! 

    September 20, 1995 at DV8 in Salt Lake City, Utah.
    The Vandals, Strung Out, Blink, and Blue Tip.  



    The Vandals and Blink also played together the night before (9-19-1995) at the Mercury Cafe in Denver, CO. 


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  6. 2 hours ago, saco0o said:

    Cool! The first Unwritten Law song I listened was "california sky" because on napster it was named
    "California Sky feat Tom Delonge" ahahha 

    My first time hearing The Ataris was on Napster because it was labeled as being "Man Overboard" but really it was the song "1-15-96." And also, my first time hearing Me First and the Gimme Gimmes was because it was labeled as "Seasons in the Sun" by Blink 182. I remember getting into many forum arguments with people because I kept telling them it wasn't Blink, and they didn't believe me, haha. The good old days when you couldn't just Google a song's lyrics or whatever to find out more about a song haha. 

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  7. 15 hours ago, daveyjones said:

    this is the recording:

    this is the recording that i remember as being mislabeled on napster as "blink with unwritten law."

    confirmed by mark to not be UL or blink. it's some non-descript skate punk band. and it appears to have been sped up.


    Cool! Thanks for the info, Davey! 

  8. Just now, daveyjones said:

    IIRC this was a bit of file mislabeling back in the napster era. but i'll ask mark.

    That's what I was assuming as well. Always loved the file mislabeling on Napster back in the day, haha. But yeah, I'd love to know if it actually exists. There's download links that I've found through Google searches, but of course, they're all expired. 

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  9. Today, I discovered a bunch of old forums/Blink fan sites mentioning a demo that Blink and Scott Russo of Unwritten Law recorded together back in 1993 or something. Is that legit? If so, is it just a song called "Smelly Shoes" or is it like an EP or something? And is it available to listen to anywhere? I'm very intrigued now... 

    If it isn't real, let me know, and I will throw this thread into a fire.

  10. 53 minutes ago, veeRob said:

    There's the alternate version of Voyeur that never saw the light of day either. The overall concept of the song is the same but the lyrics and music are different.

    The untitled one I just described is really a great track. Some parts probably were used in other songs, but I have never really felt a for sure "yeah that's from that untitled track" feeling, which is what Mark makes it seem like. I could be totally wrong on that. Parts feel like some other tracks, but that's true of that era of Blink in general. Most of Tom's little licks sounds similar or have a similar picking style, at least.

    It's hard to compare the track against the rest as I heard the others so many more times with such better production. Nonetheless, I think the track is great. The song as a whole probably isn't that special, but it's all a build-up to the overlapping Mark & Tom vocals. To me, that's one of the things that made Blink so special. Pathetic is similar in the part where Mark rings out "This is where I belonggggggg...." and Tom sings "I think I'm different..." on top. For me, the unreleased track would at least be middle of the pack. Everyone's got their own tastes, though.

    That's awesome man! Thanks for answering my dorky questions, haha. 

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