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  1. I don't think it's copied at all. But you can sing those choruses together at the same time and the rhythm and melody of the vocals is *identical*. That's not true for most song with that progression. Agree to disagree I suppose.
  2. I dunno. The chorus vocal melody is almost *identical*. A zillion songs have that progression; only these two have that chorus melody.
  3. It's about equal to California in terms of quality. Insofar as they were hoping it sounded like a second disc to a singular album, they succeeded. Insofar as they were wanting to continue to evolve and take "the sound" new places, they also succeeded. There's more going on musically on this record. But the songs are slightly catchier on the first disc. So whichever you prefer. "Misery," "Long Lost Feeling," "Good Old Days," and "Pregnant" are the standout songs to me. The bridge to Misery is amazing - it's one of blink's best moments. It makes the whole thing worth it.
  4. I doubt it - there's a synthpop band called Boxcar that is probably more likely the culprit, especially given the synthpop connection to Bleachers. I don't think Travis's Boxcar was ever big enough to headline shows, even local ones. I could be wrong though.
  5. The chorus for this song sounds almost identical to Good Old Days. Lol.
  6. Parking Lot is good not great. Misery is great, and the bridge is one of Blink's greatest moments.
  7. There was a thread about this very topic a while back... I said "Up All Night" back then, but now I've changed my answer to "Bored to Death." The bridge is just too incredible.
  8. That's the best live song they have. Stunning.
  9. Been waiting to hear Sober live for so long now. Tonight's the night!
  10. I've had the exact opposite experience, weirdly enough. SOOHM sounds WAY better on the radio to me.
  11. I think Skiba's doing well for the band. One thing that complicates assessing his input is that the processing of writing and recording California has been truly collaborative - Matt came up with the "black shirt, black skirt and Bauhaus stuck in her head" lyric, even though Mark sings it. And Matt was instrumental in writing and arranging the song California, even though he barely comes through as a background vocalist on the song. So it's harder to gauge just how important he's been; I'm assuming many of his contributions aren't obviously his, and conversely, some of the lyrics or riffs he p
  12. While I prefer Travis's playing (by a lot), I do agree with this basic assessment. Scott's groovier -- and actually, one of the groovier punk drummers of the era, in any band -- and that's something he has on Travis (if you like that sort of thing). But his drumming just wasn't professional enough to take the band where it wanted to go. Unrelated, but Travis's drumming has also gotten worse (at least stylistically) in the last five or ten years. He's not as spunky or creative as he used to be. Some of his beats have gotten harder to play, but that's about the only "improvement" against a
  13. I don't see them moving on without Feldy. I think he's an integral part to their new sound. But if they do, Jake Sinclair would be cool.
  14. It makes sense as a first song to share and as an album opener. There's an obvious Rancid/NOFX/90s Epitaph punk influence to the song. It's kind of an "ode" to that era of music and its sonic and poetic ideas. I don't think they've ever done that so explicitly. You could almost call this song "Anthem Part Three," to be honest. From the lightning speed drum beats to the drum-god fills to the suburban-pride lyrics about drinking and parking lots and trouble, it fills that niche on the record. It's also a bit more operatic and musically complex than most of the California songs. Lo
  15. If it were purely a binary choice between an album w/ Skiba every two years vs. an album w/ Tom every four years, I'd stick with Tom. The music is significantly better as to warrant a longer gap between releases. But realistically, it's a lot more complicated than that. I think in Mark's mind, blink ought to be putting out a new album every two years from here on out. At least ideally. And it's hard to see Tom committing to that schedule, even if he came back more focused on the band. I see a few different options going forward: 1) Tom is ready to get back into the studio on Mark's s
  16. Really stoked for this to come out.
  17. I mean, wouldn't you block people for being a dick to you on your insta? I agree, it's a horse of a different color when you're a public figure, but the idea remains the same?
  18. Stopping by here today. Requests?
  19. Also, "Puppy Killing Machine"!!!! Amazingly hilarious.
  20. There's an old thread here that makes it seem like it was an exclusive for 44disasters.com... what was the deal with that site?
  21. For sure. Wasn't trying to argue or "correct" you, just chiming in with my thoughts. And I agree about Alvarez (and Tony Lombardo!) as a killer bassist.
  22. I agree - he's no Sir Paul. Still, I don't hear many blink songs where I wish they had more complex bass lines. It's just not really that kind of music. Subtleties are much more important.
  23. Mark's a very average bassist in terms of technique. However, I could care less about "chops" - creativity and cleverness are much more important. Unfortunately, he's also not very good at that. Most of the time, anyway. But the multiple bass tracks on "Always" are incredible. Actually, he did some interesting stuff all over the Untitled record. And California seemed like a step forward in many ways too. Really, the best bass skill Mark has is knowing how to play something simple, but just different enough from what Tom or Matt is playing. That's the talent. And he deserves props for
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