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  1. We are owed nothing. Be grateful they have ever picked up a pen and given us the gifts they have through music. Be equally grateful they are still willing to take the time out of their day to give us status updates on their Instas for free. Music is not gauranteed. Invest now. To The Stars. #stayblessed
  2. Because no one cares this much about this but you. Honestly.
  3. Bro what time machine did you come from? Hate amps, hate extra live tracks, music videos. What kind of hipster are you and from which era?
  4. I disagree. Music videos became an art in themselves. They just suck nowadays for the most part. Music has always been about the image too. Unless we're talking Beethoven/Bach here?
  5. Lol I’m not against music videos of the past, just current ones as lately been weak since YouTube took over. MTV music videos were the shit! For the record I don’t care about the anthem video, I’m talking in general. Edging was pretty cool.
  6. It’s just gotta be the bad investment music videos are nowadays (because YouTube right?) so they just hire some bang average person to make them. What bugs me is that they can’t even pay attention to details like syncing the audio with the footage, idc if it’s hard, they did this flawlessly every decade prior since like the 60s… One More Time irked me with this too, thankfully they got the background thing done right for that but the instruments being off sync..smh. What happened to this world.
  7. I’ll save you 3 minutes. Travis plays with shirt on his head. Anthem Pt 3 plays to random live footage of blink. The end.
  8. I think it was a case of everyone scared to tell him "No". Because he was doing so much work otherwise. It's a tale as old as time. It's hard to be as subjective about your own work, or as good of a judge. I can't explain why a world class drummer would think a midi sounding keyboard drum would sound better than an authentic drum kit, as a punk rocker or rock fan in general, but I'd have to think it stems from his hip hop love, which is almost always electronic drumkit sounds.
  9. All the Anthems are good, but that is what probably makes it the best of the 3 for me. Not to mention the great transitions throughout and love the longer intro instrumental/outro banger. Letting that guitar play out in the intro really feels like perfect blink comeback to me.
  10. I just played it in my car where I couldn't hear anything but bass drums on release day on there, and now I still hear nothing. Maybe my hearing's gotten worse, but it sounds almost non existent.
  11. I need to give a full listen, but so far I'm sort of grateful for Otherside sounding more normal and now Bad News sounds like the best song on the album...but More Than You Know sounds worse now. The thing is the bass wasn't even the problem, it was the drumset altogether having every snare hit and tom hit sound like a full on midi explosion/bomb going off. The bass at least warrants that, or covers it up altogether. Anthem 3 sounds untouched though? Weird altogether. I wonder who's making the calls here on this.
  12. Well yeah, but it’s literally inaudible now on certain speakers. I hear a normal beat now only without good headphones. This is just so blink to be frankensteining everything now and over doing it because they have the option to lol.
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