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  1. How many ava bots are there that don't like blink? Gotta be a few right?
  2. Whoa, I'm so mesmerized I might just miss the release of the song in 9 hours.
  3. That's probably the best way of putting it and applies to almost all remakes. No one's ideas are really original, they are just someone's cumulative inspirations and interpretations.
  4. As far as the 1-2 songs rumors and based off the google calendar leak, my guess is that they are planning to just release OMT and see the how the reaction and if it can hold the whole way till October 20th on its own or if they need to release a second one. I have no idea what I'm fucking talking about though.
  5. I think this might be another one of the set pieces for the vid. I know we've seen a lot of footage already and hours away but:
  6. This sounds like something a chat box or computer would type up. Fuck, we lost a good one. For the record, I'd like to hear that too. I just don't give a damn about AI, I just don't get your undying love for it. I assumed that's what you were hinting at for creating that 'mock' album. Thru the AI stuff.
  7. I think he's an intelligent guy too that should definitely post here but I think his parents might also be related, if you catch my drift
  8. I actually liked his shit because I hate when the Travis-Kardashian PDA stuff pops up on my feed so it was relevant but he's made some questionable posts.. I would never.
  9. Have you been captured? Quote an incel former poster if you have been captured by a robot entity.
  10. Bro I don't care about AI anything, sorry. At least not in anticipation of the new album. To each their own. Fuck skynet.
  11. Thank you for this. Ending on this tonight too. Not joining in on AI Cali and Nine for me before big drop tomorrow! I think they'll make us laugh at least once too always look forward to Choo choo!
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