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  1. Offspring is definitely super fucking annoying I agree but they have a song here and there that are good. Let The Bad Times roll is on repeat for me just came out yesterday.
  2. I'd say take out the Green Day too and this competition gets way more interesting.
  3. You're just a Yellowcard fan, I've had Sugarcult in there for days now
  4. Taking Back Sunday was definitely emo but they fucking rock idc. They all blend with pop punk bands too, you could do one of those venn diagram things to be proper. They also started blending with metal too with screamo. Fuck screamo was even it started getting really bad. Speedo weren't you in a screamo band at one point?
  5. Hawthorne Heights lol. My Chemical Romance was the mainstream one though.
  6. The more I think about it, maybe we should go all the bands sightly off pop punk too to see who's the 'best' outside of blink/green Day for that era? Doing strict pop punk is kind of hard, and super limited. I want Taking Back Sunday in there for example.
  7. SUGARCULT you b**** Sorry.. Also, I'd drop Green Day, makes it more interesting. Good Charlotte, Saves the day, Say Anything? Paramore? Motion City Soundtrack, AAR, MGK for kicks. Does Alkaline Trio count? Just trying to make it more interesting..
  8. It died.  Having the proper burial tomorrow at 6pm central time if you want to zoom in.

  9. Honestly, listening to New Found Glory/Simple Plan is kind of like just going to Burger King or something, it's there, but it's sort of just lite version of everything else, a little crusty, a little undercooked. The other bands definitely match more the superior places like Taco Bell, McDonalds, In & Out, Chick Fil A, etc. Then you have overrated trash like 5 Seconds of Summer which is coincidentally 5 Guys of Pop Punk, aka trash.
  10. I put a song on soundcloud and my friends asked what drugs I took that weekend.
  11. Yes, but for the love of God not that double negative elimination style thread we kept doing. It got us through COVID, but please not again.
  12. So New Found Glory or Simple Plan? Kind of a decent debate.
  13. I've stayed out of the debate section until I was invited back and given permission. I was hoping the same level respect would have been shown to me on the flip side for doing so. Aka, can we move on from that already? Obama kept calling her Michael at the podium, blame him for sparking those conspiracies not me.
  14. You're making it weirdly political in here, while claiming to hate it, I honestly don't care, I just post stupid things.
  15. Who cares??? I'm just a poster here. These aren't my family while I do enjoy posting here. Why can't everyone get along anyways?
  16. Speedo gaslighting me because he hates the guy who gaslights. Go figure. Stop Manipulating me!!!
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