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  1. "Thats the bitch living in the human rat world who wouldnt be able to function without human warmth and acceptance around them." Is this not the closing statement of the Dark Carnival seminars?
  2. We are not that fucking serious bro. We are not juggalos so we can't relate to that.
  3. No I meant it's not overhyped, people are just happy/content with it instead of saying it is blowing their mind. Which honestly makes me more intrigued, I hate hype. It looks clean. Yes I hate the console appearance as well @_Kyle_ but you know it runs well/quiet on that SSD, and the controller looks perfect to me so there's that. Will just tuck that alien spaceship behind some books. No bias, the black speaker looking box that is the Xbox looks even sillier to me. What's the actual backlog on this? How are they so sold out knowing they'd be selling like mad right now.
  4. Soo.. it worth it? It seems like it's a great system but not a ton of overhyped feedback so far.
  5. Honestly, I'd put him up there for the generation, I just think guys like Daniel Day Lewis, Gary Oldman are way better.
  6. His story adds up, we show up on Google. He probably was just butthurt googling about Leonardo being overrated all Sunday afternoon. Don't take this from me.
  7. The funny thing is, a lot of celebs have been busted for using sock accounts to fight critics/fans. I wonder if this guy is actually Christian Bale now. Also, I would go gay for Idris Elba.
  8. Every serious blink hater is a confirmed Juggalo, not even kidding. It's like their kryptonite.
  9. We are in the midst of the information age, and it's coming to a disturbing climax.
  10. This is so funny lol. Blink online never ceases to amaze. I'm too lazy to even hit 'sign in with google account' to post on a reddit topic I'm passionate about. The fact he came all the way to a blink board is insane boredom/dedication.
  11. Wonderful post, welcome to the boards. If you reread that section, that is saying I liked him in the Big Short. I find him cheesy/trying too hard elsewhere, but I loved his performance in that.
  12. Yeah the controller, back compat, and SSD are what sold me. Putting an SSD in my crummy old laptop was the craziest thing I've ever seen, it's like instant fast. I use a projector tho don't think I get 4K lol but I'm not huge on that anyways.
  13. #firstworldprobs Are the graphics noticeably better? I know they technically are, but the gaps closed quite a bit.
  14. I've never bought any system at launch because exactly that, it always does drop in price and the better games come later. That said, the ps5 is fully backwards compatible, even your digital downloads, so it's a pretty easy upgrade. I always wait until there's a game I want then splurge.
  15. Whatever happens in this election, pandemic, at least we have this to look forward to, honestly, I'm excited to do nothing but game.
  16. Nee ps5 controller seems nice. The vibration and triggers adapt throughout the game? Has some crazy potential there. Think of the combat in games
  17. Everything, I don't even know where to start. They've lost it.
  18. No way man, it's my least favorite on the album itself only beating GMOGR. It is indeed a good song, but for all the reasons already stated, it's not an upper echelon blink imo. I actually kind of dislike it.
  19. Nothing is technically real, if we're living in a simulation.
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