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  1. I would say 'like' new AvA and hate new blink.
  2. Omg. "why was it flying laterally?" Really. I like the ending though, Tom always finds a way to say something nice in between it all.
  3. Any new band by Tom or Mark would spark serious interest. Just iconic voices, we need something new.
  4. Fixed this for. Agreed on both though. I can't believe AvA is still a band lol.
  5. I heard this on the radio and thought it was some old guns n roses song that I actually might like. Shocked this is some new song they just came out with. It might be the only song by them I like, veteran factor in full effect, but pretty good/unexpected forsure.
  6. I'll never underappreciate the pop bands we got early 2000s/late 90s. Backstreet, Nsync, 98, Britney. Shit was epic.
  7. Guys, as shit as I-Empire was, if any of those songs came out today, we'd be jumping up and down. Tom tries, but everyone in blink camp are shells of shells of their former selves (except randomly on features they come through a bit better). Like Cali, Nine, this, let's be honest. It's nice to have something but it's actually a bit sad how much bands like blink and green day have actually dipped. It's hard when there's just no real angst anymore, Tom is really the only one trying new horizons, but those horizons are..space, U2 and the Cure, etc. And his voice is shot. I want to give him credit for keeping it real, but it's also crazy. Travis has the whole veteran father thing for the new kids but that's about where we're at now. Time to just get on the Kenny Hoopla train.
  8. Here's my fully uncondensed rankings with no notes. 1. Rebel Girl 2. Kiss & Tell 3. Fire In A Nameless Town 4. Losing My Mind 5. Restless Souls 6. Spellbound 7. Euphoria 8. Timebomb 9. Automatic 10. No More Guns
  9. Just in case anyone missed my rankings: Tier 1: 1. Rebel Girl (original) 2. Kiss & Tell Tier 2: 3. Fire In A Nameless Town 4. Losing My Mind 5. Restless Souls Tier 3: 6. Spellbound 7. Euphoria 8. Timebomb Tier 4: 9. Automatic 10. No More Guns (shit!) I am done for the day.
  10. Fire in a Nameless Town might actually be my favorite. It's really different and quite good. The only thing that holds it back is I know Tom is sitting there thinking this is pure genius.
  11. It follows no structure and not in any punk type of way it's just a mess.
  12. Review: mildly runny fart, but decent smell. Peak old infidelity Tom: 1. Rebel Girl (original) 2. Kiss & Tell Good 'nuff: 3. Losing My Mind 4. Fire In A Nameless Town 5. Restless Souls Love pt. 3: 6. Spellbound 7. Euphoria (they fucked his voice up too much on this) 8. Timebomb Thanks Obama: 9. Automatic 10. No More Guns Let's not pretend this is some otherworldly album - from a Tombot. Some of the intros are simply cringe and just Rubins bros and Tom fucking around way too much. Some moments are very strong (Rebel Girl chorus and guitar breakdown bring a little early 2000s tear to my eye, Kiss & Tell was shockingly good, pretty whack lyrics though..). Overall, overhyped to mad degree, no surprise, not bad, not great, no surprise there either - give me Chasing Shadows or a handful of AvA over this stuff, but give me this over a handful of other AvA stuff that is even more nonsensible and over indulgent. Most importantly of all, it still shits all over California for the few moments alone that are genuinely okay enough and not the utter disgrace put out by Mark/Travis/Matt and co. who'm have completely canned it in and give zero shits about the content they are creating, just about securing a bag. I think it's safe to say neither will create anything that takes us away ever again outside some small glimpses (First Time, Kiss & Tell riff), but man why is it SO HARD for them to just write casually and genuinely like they used to? They are our pop punk gods I don't understand why that is so deeply tucked away for them. Anyways, Tom don't space out an album to this degree ever again and maybe it would be more fun to listen to. I'm listening to 3 new songs total on this brand new album.
  13. Tom likes sex - big deal. It's not like he's fucking any of his friends ex-wives.
  14. I was definitely thinking Left Alone. Same intro and everything.
  15. I love when JarJar replies for Ghent, or vise versa. Happens about 5x a day. Bots gon' be bots.
  16. Sounds like AvA to me! I'll have to check the production methods to determine forsure after my meeting.
  17. Great analysis. Exactly how I see it too. Imagining Automatic with Mark's voice really does work though.
  18. What is so good about Automatic exactly? It's just like a random Cure AvA song with no punch. The post chorus is cool I guess? It's one of those boring Ava songs to me.
  19. This Chorus sounds exactly like something off Cali. Is it Teenage satellites? Don't feel like looking because don't want to get sick.
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