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  1. I mean, still. The fact Tom isn't there says MGK is a better musician than Tom @FAPLORD
  2. It does, but you could probably sneak him in the top 10 all things said and done if he wins a couple more times and keeps doing this thing. None of those top 12-15 players dominate games like he does sometimes on the offensive end. They bring more on defense and size though, but even Jordan was definitely not creating 3 balls like he was.
  3. I don't know, I know he doesn't have that all time defense, and has had a few share of blunders on the playoffs/finals under pressure, but what he's done for the game (whether you like it or not) and the continued offensive dominance is just hard to ignore. I can only think of like 5 players that were so incredibly dominant at their positions the game altered because of it, and none of them were 6'2. He's had a great team, but he's taken advantage of it. I mean Jordan? Shaq? Wilt? Who else has changed the game like him.
  4. Those people are sad tbh. I mean Travis, Kourtney Kardashian. They're rich as fuck, fortunate as fuck, and don't have the dignity to simply 'not' shove it in everyone's faces because they're insecure douchebags tbh. I'm happy for Travis definitely but posting how in love you are constantly is always going to be cringey. Change my mind.
  5. Dude it goes along the lines as 'a successful person doesn't need to talk about their business'. No one wants to see some grown adults acting like high schoolers posting PDA
  6. Well, this is boring, but I am excited for a Warriors vs Celtics/Heat finals to see how that plays out. Can the Warriors do it again? Curry would be GOAT status if he carries them any of the finals games.
  7. Kim Jon Un does struggle with anxiety sometimes though.
  8. Most underrated song on TOYPAJ/Enema era. Thanks Mark.
  9. Sorry to scam ya! I just have really bad ADHD. Invest!
  10. They're still as dead as they were in July 1st, 2016.
  11. I think it is pretty much confirmed by us, collectively as 20+ pseudo doctors = 1 real doctor, that Tom did in fact get addicted to pain killers from his back surgery, mixed in with fame messed his head up quite a bit. Bipolar? Maybe.
  12. Just keep in mind when reading posts under the name 'Speedo'. Yes, he does try really hard, we all understand this. However, he does take long hiatuses to give the board more breathing room time to time.
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