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  1. Mine still won't work, highly unfortunate.
  2. I've been getting into Modern Baseball and Front Bottoms for some 'newer' ''pop punk''. Pretty satisfied. Front Bottoms - Twin Sized Mattress Modern Baseball - Fine, Great are my two recommendations. MB has one song that has an exact blink chord progression I want to say Waggy, super noticeable
  3. Yes. Looking like everybody's favorite DILF again.
  4. I just got a new Roku TV, and apparently they come with 1000 free channels and movies after their most recent update. It's truly insane as it's just the price of a standard TV. Might be the best deal out there.
  5. J3n

    Tom’s Voice

    There was the clearest dropoff ever with AvA, especially after WDNTW (he still had much Tom in some of those songs), but I really liked his voice on Rebel Girl for some reason (not peak by any means). TOYPAJ-Boxcar he had a really good peak, Untitled I love but that was a lot of Finn. Dude Ranch he was fun, but would definitely agree with the TOYPAJ-Boxcar vote.
  6. J3n


    Shai and Ja are so much more likeable then the previous gen stars. I'm liking the tightened up rules on officiating too. Harden is so frustrated.
  7. What? I genuinely don't think anyone actually likes new blink even if they try to tell others they do. It's just not good on so many levels.
  8. The amount of mental gymnastics it must take to think anyone actually likes new blink (deep down) besides Feldmann.
  9. No one's asking for a perfect legacy, but when California - Deluxe - Nine is as many songs as Enema - Toypaj - Untitled, you start to feel painful. Neighborhoods was supposed to be the ugly step sibling album. I think mainly, people were very open to the idea of Matt, it's just the disappointment that came with what they came up with that's the main frustration. It's just a waste of time, they literally just keep hodgepodging generic pop punk trash in their 40s and using the name for outside songwriters to play with? It's just lame, but I get they would make +44 money at best without the blink name.
  10. Blink's appeal was always built around the friendship of Mark and Tom and the music they wrote was almost secondary to it (if the tongue in check or satirical humor doesn't work, half their songs don't either). Even when it was sour, it was still based heavily around that. Without it you just are banking on Mark coming up with something good enough or it feels a side project. Yet they are marketing it as blink for the obvious money, but the appeal totally suffers for that.
  11. Skiba brings Mark down. He needs that strong energy next to him to keep him interesting himself.
  12. Mark + Travis + Matt would be a good fun band/album. Matt in blink is not a good fit at all and will make any random generic guitarist look a better fit than a bad fit. That's all I'm saying.
  13. I mean for Tom's stubbornness it got me when he said "for Mark, cancer fucking free"
  14. Did anyone post the emotional Tom shout-out to Mark at an AvA concert?
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