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  1. RIP. As far as musically, I mean I liked him, but outside of I'd Do Anything, nothing really did much for me. Great voice.
  2. I'm pretty confident Brandon Flowers wouldn't take the guitar back from a fan that was invited on stage if he had to. So he has that going for him.
  3. Likes Matt Skiba more than anything, another tenor, but hates Brandon Flowers from the Killers. -Shots fired.
  4. Look, I'm honestly not a Killers fan, they have two decent albums and then went to shit and still slew out some terrible music despite no one liking it. But at least check out Reasons Unknown for me..
  5. Smile Like You Mean it Sam's Town Reasons Unknown On Top When You Were Young My List Somebody Told Me They really fell off hard after those first 2 albums though
  6. Really? That's interesting. Why MCR though? Let's get TBS back in the limelight or the Killers over MCR.
  7. I mean, hard to tell based off that. But, I'm jacked for anything like this regardless. I would tamper my expectations to be nothing close to the movies, obviously, but hopefully more interesting than the Hobbit and such.
  8. Basically, they are announcing on a poster every band they plan to try to get but not confirmed? Otherwise, there's just no way. I would fly for that.
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