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  1. He did do it good, not gonna lie, touch above the Puddle of Mudd cover
  2. Can't wait for them to sing about parents killing their vibe while being sent home from school and stuck inside.
  3. Jan's Plan


    I was almost in tears when he was melting down from his father's death not able to be there for his 4th win I think it was, shit gets intense. It wasn't over dramatized either in a cheesy sense, it was raw as fuck. Definitely watching it again.
  4. Jan's Plan


    Dude I think it's a free app, watch it, fucking fantastic. NBA was so competitive in the 80s/90s it was insane, cutthroat, Bulls were drinking beers at halftime to gain an edge
  5. Jan's Plan


    ESPN app, Netflix eventually will have it
  6. Jan's Plan


    Jordan Documentary: The Last Dance Anyone else check this out yet? Just started over the weekend and on Episode 8 already, best sports documentary possibly ever (behind the Muhammad Ali one for now) Jordan was crazy driven
  7. I'm okay with the Ghost train, but after Carousel
  8. You're better off sleeping on the floor buddy. Top tier.
  9. Emo is GOAT, really got shafted on Dude Ranch round
  10. First Time is cool, one of the very few songs that worked post reunion. Mark slaps.
  11. As in top 3 to go for Carousel? Yeah I agree it needs to get tossed within the next few rounds.
  12. It is more fun when there's less strategizing Dumpweed top 5 though
  13. Yeah because he spends his entire life dedicated to making mediocre average guitar videos on YouTube from his mom's basement with his uber neckbeard and 20K follower. If he wasn't being all smug I wouldn't care. It's just YouTube is flooded with these kind of 'self taught' guides and this one just happened to post here
  14. This would be such a dangerously good idea nowadays especially with apps like Eatstreet where you can text directions on where to leave it.
  15. Yeah phone it's definitely the way to go, computer is too stationary and clunky. Phone provides more dexterity and often a better picture.
  16. I used to post up on the computer and listen to DED every day. Now it's phone - bluetooth, car or bust. Don't know if the Spotify app even works on the com.
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