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  1. Entire board overboard please. Going Away
  2. Yeah that's the one thing I was going to add, Mark is very smart but very shallow with music and it shows with the current state of the band. They really just need the trifecta to have any sort of pulse.
  3. Dude I haven't listened to Nine is so long I can't even keep them on my playlists and pretend, they get in the way of actual good songs. I will say I enjoyed Nine more on first listens than California forsure but even the highlights like First Time and Heaven don't hold a candle to Neighborhoods. There's just not purpose behind any of it. Same with California, there's just nothing to it. Neighborhoods was a mess but it felt like actual songs were being written.
  4. It's one of their best songs (and videos). I didn't make the rules, yoda did..
  5. I don't really feel like voting for this...but I need to save Man Overboard (yikes people) Anthem
  6. On NINE they did a good job differentiating the two. On Cali it was like Burger King vs apples, same thing. Nine was like Burger King vs homemade chilli, huge difference.
  7. Fuck that hurts, love Mutt. This is tough, I'm only married to a few songs. Aliens Exist
  8. What songs have you heard? Their hits are cringe soft rock shit but their darker stuff is pretty awesome. The Stone, 2 Step, Stay Or Leave, Gravedigger, Funny The Way, #41 all good shit.
  9. Yeah he is but just in comparison to the rest of his band it's like Tom Delonge to Travis is a decent comparison.
  10. That's because it's a true American story, obviously you guys wouldn't get it. It is funny though how irrelevant they are outside the US and how big they are here though. Probably is our Oasis no?
  11. That's part of the magic, Dave is not the best musician out there but wanted to play music and found some of the most talented musicians to surround himself with at his very own bar. It's like a movie.
  12. God forbid creativity and innovation.
  13. Party Song isn't great but it has so much good memories tied to it. The chorus still hits. Going Away
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