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  1. You're correlating what the casual fan will like the most and what car the band member is able to afford after as what determines the quality of the album.. Congrats, you've officially entered Kansas City Meltdown territory.
  2. Rumor has it you can see a small tear shed down Travis's cheek whenever they close with Dammit. And it's NOT because the show's over.
  3. Yeah but that doesn't mean it's not the best.. We know why they choose what they choose for the set. Travis is internally broken over it.
  4. Travis doesn't even like Enema because he had to rush his drum parts, I bet he doesn't like Dude Ranch
  5. Dude Ranch just aged like fine wine. The first 6 or 7 string of songs are just a perfect start to an album and it's still really good after. Emo is my favorite blink song personally. Just more raw blink, all song no tricks.
  6. Just checked Tom's most recent story Yea, 4_30 is the date for his next announcement for another future announcement.
  7. Chemistry is so good between these 2, makes me question my sexuality.
  8. Literally looks like 3 guys pretending they're in the shower. Key word pretend.
  9. Did Davey really just put Dude Ranch above Buddha? Are we going to just act like that did not happen? I thought this was them first selling out..
  10. I think TOYPAJ is a little better album and collection of songs, but Enema gets the nod just for being so iconic. Also Dumpweed is my jam.
  11. Easy. Shouldn't even be much debate, but Enema/TOYPAJ are interchangable to me.
  12. How many people on the Feldy/blink payroll ffs.
  13. Totally thought I accidentally clicked on the soccer thread for a second. ⚽
  14. And now we see why you're a fan of Speedo...
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