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  1. I Miss You I wonder if this will grow on me like ATST did. Always is overplayed but I remember first listens to that still...epic intro and breakdown. Violence is just a fan favorite, that chorus will always be amazing.
  2. 1. Kiss & Tell 2. First Time 3. Rebel Girl 4. Not Another Xmas Song 5. Heaven/PS Hope You're Happy/Scumbag
  3. Yeah, it's fucking awesome. I haven't got sick if it yet.
  4. Easy Target, one of the realest songs they've every wrote. What a shame. I Miss You
  5. How can you say Here's Your Letter could belong on the Neighborhoods album?? You. Fucking. ASSHOLES.
  6. The guitar/bass is also beautiful. Weird, all non blinkers I know liked that one.
  7. It's like the perfect Mark song? It's so damn catchy, I consider it possibly Mark's best verses with Blink and is his moment on self titled. I honestly don't get how it's not a fan favorite here. Cannot lose Easy Target, such an underated song that's aged gracefully.
  8. You won't, they're all a lot older and it shows. It's not nearly as fun as 70s show but a good nostalgia for 3 episodes
  9. Yeah it's a really slow version of that's 70 Show but I ended up watching some of it.
  10. Fuck off guys, Here's Your Letter is a top 10 blink song.
  11. I secretly like this song a bit. I'm not a Chainsmokers guy by any means but I like the I Miss You melodies in here.. when Mark comes in.. pretty damn good
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