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  1. NJansaid

    Your fave bad movies

    Also, Lord of the Rings best trilogy.
  2. NJansaid

    Your fave bad movies

    Not an argument, an informative statement for those unaware.
  3. NJansaid

    Your fave bad movies

    Have you listened to the audiobook by Greg Sestero? Seriously might be even better. Just how big of a dick he was to everyone is ridiculous. Yes I've seen Disaster Artist.
  4. NJansaid

    Your fave bad movies

    Worst storyline? Oliver's Love: A Virgin Story
  5. NJansaid

    Your fave bad movies

    1. Samurai Cop 2. The Room 3. *insert any cheaply made horror movie* 4. Snakes on a Plane 5. Tremors I went through an obsession of these a while ago. I also remember debating Patient (I think) on why intelligent people enjoy shitty movies. There's articles on it.
  6. NJansaid

    Thoughts on Dave Grohl?

    I honestly can't tell if he's the greatest guy on earth, or the fakest. thoughts?
  7. NJansaid

    Simple Creatures New Song!

    Mark is totally mocking Tom in one of those. I fucking love it. Minus that silly side angle one, this makes me like Mark again.
  8. NJansaid

    The blink 182 general discussion topic

    You should make it a prerequisite to any new members to have to read through 10 different pages of this thread, to know what they are in for.
  9. Logic is fkn SWEET. Thanks @Kay . Huge shout out because I almost got suckered into the 'try this new expensive DAW, it might actually make you sound better' trap and wasted a lot of money. Every single DAW is so friggin deep and jam-packed, you are fine, might as well work with what you know and it takes so much effort on the going in anyways.
  10. NJansaid

    2018 "New Album News" Thread

    So cringey to put so much emphasis on it being in 6/8. How does one go backwards in life like that? Mark wrote the song of his life in 2005 in 6/8 (Lilian) and never acted this desperate.
  11. NJansaid

    Simple Creatures New Song!

    Joe Bob Briggs Samurai Cop commentary is the best thing I've ever watched. I'm in. Anyone that had Hulu/HBO too I'm in.
  12. NJansaid

    Simple Creatures New Song!

    Because it's still in a win-win. You pay less, they pay less than if they got it themselves, and everyone gets it.
  13. NJansaid

    Simple Creatures New Song!

    The beauty of Venmo request!
  14. NJansaid

    Simple Creatures New Song!

    Lol yeah you just have to be upfront about it. My one friend still let's his ex girlfriend use all his streaming accounts.. with her new boyfriend. F that.
  15. NJansaid

    Simple Creatures New Song!

    To Scott's point, I split Spotify premium with someone for $6/mo and simply just right clicked - add to playlist.