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  1. Blink really did write some beautiful lyrics at times
  2. NJansaid


    Harden exposing himself once again in the playoffs with absolutely horrendous games. As is Lowry, as is Westbrook a bit.
  3. Yup lol. Thought he was just okay.
  4. Trying to find some good ones, particularly on Netflix, so far all pretty big misses on there. I thought Theo Von's was pretty hilarious, Ken Jeong and Joe Rogan's were pretty disappointing. Don't get me started on Kevin Hart, the new Dane Cook.
  5. First attempt at mixing and mastering myself SoundClou-Vincent Feedback on the highs-lows would be helpful.. looking for brutal honesty­čĄÖ
  6. So true, but it helped me lose my virginity.
  7. I don't think anyone has anything against you posting, the more members the merrier, we have a guy with a dedicated conspiracy section for christ sake. just stop spamming and being an asshole
  8. NJansaid

    Jim Rome

    Really? This makes me want to rewatch Waiting.
  9. I think it's time for the return of word filters.
  10. Yeah but do they really add to it that much? I don't dislike either but could easily do without Fallen Interlude on Untitled. Just seems like it was better when he was just the shy guy with immense talent no offense
  11. I thought he did in his interview? That it is part for parody/play into the character. Is he now trying to say he isn't copying Tom whatsoever? Stop it.
  12. We always harp on Mark, Matt, and Feldy for what they've done to blink, and rightfully so, while Travis low-key has been the biggest cunt of all from the background. How unbearable are his friends he drags into blink? The rap features? The artwork? Kids involvement? The smugness? The overbearing drums when he gets full reign? No wonder Mark and Tom held him back early on.
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