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  1. What are you talking about? When they jumped around with Steve Aoki in Why Are We So Broken it was so inspiring.
  2. I used to dislike Surrender and Adventure, really enjoy them now. Especially the remixed versions. Once you accept Tom's weird transition, there's a lot of good content there. A little too lovey dovey still at times for me.
  3. Wouldn't be surprised if this is the name of the new song in homage to the Rebecca Black, Mark's idol.
  4. Yeah I always hated AvA and all of a sudden I have like 5 posters above my bed. Blink has gotten so bad.
  5. I'm just here for the trainwreck 🍿
  6. That's because you act like a pedophile and are 47, when are you going to address this properly. No his prime was up until 2008, then he got heavy addicted to lean and whatever else, developed a God complex and tried to become a rockstar, stopped giving us unique creativity, started sounding ridiculous. Him and Tom are a lot a like. Compare this: To this:
  7. Lil Wayne is one of the better rappers of our generation. Actually, he's the Tom Delonge of rappers if we have to make a comparison. Guy was extremely naturally talented and creative and then got fucked up from pain killers/lean and developed a God complex. Tom went on to yodel and sound like a dying cat and Wayne went on to mumble, like a dying goblin.
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