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  1. So since Diddy has 2 accounts, does this mean MGK has officially cucked two of our board members? Honored.
  2. Strings_anus


    Does anyone play NBA 2K? This myteam mode is like crack. Have a starting lineup of J Kidd, Ginobili, Bruce Bowen, Bob Netolicky, Ben Wallace Bench: D. Mitchell, Petrovich, Glenn Robinson, Paul Pierce, A. Sabonis Rick Adleman coach They feel like my chia pets.
  3. Right? They're definitely different bands, but literally the grand standing here like blink wasn't the same era and same level of pop music at that time.
  4. *Seen as a joke by everyone in the media and music fans out there who don't realize rapping about nookie and rocking a chad man red hat was tongue-in-cheek* *goes on to direct a movie starring John Travolta and be normal in interviews* Chess
  5. I mean, he admitted he has to make extra videos that are more negative than fun to get more viewers, but the Fred Durst NON-conspiracy is true.
  6. Yeah one time he cucked my girlfriend so I'm super obsessed with trying to find out any truth about the guy.
  7. https://podcasts.apple.com/ie/podcast/blow-up-fred-durst/id1477682683?i=1000448274520 Truth is 'odd'.
  8. Why is this relevant? Blink was the pop punk in the early 2000s, Limp bizkit was the nu metal in early 2000s. It's crazy to find out the guy was joking the whole time. It's our history - stop being elitists.
  9. I thought he was being serious the whole time. Dude played chess on the industry. Negative or any publicity sells - he proved it - and played a character well. Fred Durst was a character without us knowing he was a character.
  10. One is trying to do a homage one is tongue in cheek. Can't compare.
  11. Okay 'Chad' nu metal. Plenty of hicks loved Limp Biscuit though.
  12. What do you guys think of Fred Durst? I didn't realize he was sort of 'playing' us the whole time. He really sold that country hick nu metal rapper thing.
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