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  1. It was possibly the best production they had, but the lesser produced stuff just fit better with their vibe or what Finn did with them just was sort of their own formulated sound, created by them, and not vise verse. Even ATST, is honestly nothing in comparison to the modern pop punk, Travis, Cali/Nine production.
  2. Who's going to save us? There isn't any major pop punk artist that hasn't converted or is relevant enough to keep some non modern washed sound.
  3. They're on their last hurrah, no doubt. Just look at how old they are getting. We are getting this album, the tour, and maybe maybe maybe one more EP/album and some half assed tour after that. I'm all for it though, we've been waiting for this. Not thinking they keep making music after this though
  4. I'd rather have some guy that is merely friends with them and worked sparingly with in the past that can't overpower them like Feldmann did, but yeah we are having a high likelihood of polished modern sound than not, but I can imagine a Cali/Nine with Tom wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to listen to in 2023.
  5. Yeah, normally I do that but I've basically watched 20 movies already, it's been 40+ hours. It's a lot to digest and a lot happened. But that's why I'm super odd about shows and never watch them live, for that exact reason. I can't handle all the chatter and trendiness/pop culture of it while it's going. I don't want to be influenced in any way if it's that good. So basically, anytime I hear a show is amazing or w.e, like BB, GoT, I check out immediately then go back and watch it when the time is right. Yeah, it's weird. But I feel like it's better to watch them at face value with no outside noise if it's that life changing. Also, the whole waiting thing. I don't know how people do that. Major cliffhanger, then you needa wait a week/month/year? Fuck that.
  6. Also, GoT is a little bit different because they went from an adaptation for 4ish seasons then had to make up the show as they went after for 4 more seasons. A lot of people obviously felt a dip after too, so it's just interesting in that sense.
  7. That's part of the fun of watching a show in full that's already been done, to see everyone's reactions to it back then and if it's the same. I'm not really digging for it though, that one just sort of popped up after I finished season 4 and was curious about the whole Twynn death going down like that. It's been a lot to digest and good time for a break/YouTube sesh on it. Yeah I guess it can be weird though. I can't watch major shows like this live though because they're so popular so I already know I'm weird when it comes to watching shows.
  8. Okay, I promise I'll stop talking about it until I'm done, but why the fuck did they leave the Tysha confession out of Jamie/Tyrions goodbyes. That makes a world of difference for the proceeding actions and also the whole story moving forward. I feel like that was an easy thing to just include? No one gives af about Shae at that point including Tyrion.
  9. Margaery is annoying, not sure where that came from. The whole "I'm the most glorious, charitable person ever! I will rescue everybody!" Is all just self-righteous and annoying. She aint all that bro. Ygritte > Caitlyn > large gap > Sansa I guess if we're going with her actress > Margaery = Deanerys I don't blame Peter Bealish for risking it all for Caitlyn. Certified Milf.
  10. Sansas 15 bro. But, I did think the actor was in her 20s when I looked it up.
  11. Eh, Spoilers. I was hoping the dragons ate her before she got to use them so thanks for ruining it.
  12. Ygritte is 1,000 times hotter than Deanerys, I guess the actress Emilia Clarke is definitely good looking but I hate her character so much and her look is just blah to me. She's so entitled. The dragons thing is not hot to me at all, total turn off. Like they're your dragons, get over it, comes off as a pet-crazed person who puts their pets before their boyfriend/family. #notOlivercapping
  13. Spoken like a true Denearys. She is a dick to her body guard just because he spied on her years ago, and yet she forgives anything and worships guys who are 'cute' in the show. Oberyn was sexy though, I didn't like him at first, but he quickly became my favorite before getting his eyes pushed in. He was the only honest character in the whole show and an actual threat to the Lannisters. I thought he hadn't finished past season 4 basically? I feel like I'm not going to hate the ending just because of how much everyone else does.
  14. I can't believe we are getting new blink music though, with the three of them. Even if it's 'bad', the thought that at some point, new music will drop, and we will be able to talk about it ad-nauseam is exciting as hell. Will be a great time for everbody.
  15. Yeah, I've kind of taken a different approach with it, or realization. I think the whole theme of GoT, or one of the main ones, is just the brutal reality of life and a bit of nihilism. Life is more like GoT than it is normal hero/evil stories. It's kind of great in that way. In that way, it does stand out and provide something fresh. The brutal nature of it is a bit too trendy for my liking or just how far that theme is pushed. Like 'we get it' but the whole 'no character is safe!' isn't always justified by the characters. I'm still pissed about Oberyn. Yes it's a dog eat dog world, yes medieval times and the current world is ruthless, but to keep layering that on get's a bit repetitive. I don't hold much stake into the 'medieval times were like this!' because it's ultimately very americanized, glorified sex & violence, which is largely why it's popular (show). You can still tell that story, without making it such a focus. I'm sure the books are a bit different feel. I mean, it is a really cool show in that way. You are watching something that follows almost no tropes, so it's basically a political story stretched out into a lengthy novel/show where it does push a lot of themes you don't often get. BB managed to have no real heroes too and still kept a lot of heart in it. GoT just wants to stay bleak all the time, honestly requires a lot a breaks to not get depressed subjecting yourself to all that misery. I do get why people will get upset with a bad ending of this show (haven't finished it yet), it's basically begging for it. We have all these separate/inter-connected storylines, and we've watched it for hours upon hours, if there's no major payoffs that hit right, it's going to be pretty disappointing. I loved about 90% of season 1-4 though, and it does offer a bit more than Lost, so maybe I'll take it up a notch, Lost is just so unique though and holds a lot of heart..and I fucking hate JJ Abrahms.
  16. I'm reluctant to agree with you, but it's more likely than not. They've done nothing in a long while now to state otherwise than it being heavily Travis production sound, and Edging didn't say otherwise either. Hope we just get one song in there that surprises us all and feels like vintage stuff. I can see it, being their likely last go around and all pulling something out of there.
  17. So much edging... If the albums halfway decent, all will be forgiven.
  18. I'll shut the fuck up now about the show, but my God, as soon as I started to talk shit about the shock value stuff, the truly shocked me. I'd have to say that was the hardest thing to watch so far. I feel gutted.
  19. Eh, we'll see. I just get turned off by anything that ever feels like it's verging on trying to be too edgy just to get audience reaction. Lost never really did that. But I'm not saying GoT is riddled with that either, it's a fantastic show, I love medieval times, and they do it well almost in its entirety. It's definitely the best medieval thing next to LOTR. It's just a few moments sprinkled in there and like the whole tone of the Deanyrus plot feels like it's done simply for the edgelord community and not as much in tone with the rest of the show. Like it just screams of fan service, get people talking on Twitter, type of stuff. But Lost really 'lost' the plot by the last couple seasons I can't get to it on rewatch. Have to base it off first overall impression and in hindsight though. And I know GoT gets shite after they run out of books which is kind of a letdown if that becomes true. Lost is like my 3rd favorite show I think I had it? So it's not that blasphemous to not dethrone that yet. Both those shows feel equally great to me so far. It's not taking BB though. That show had full vision and control the whole way through, I can't think of a single lost beat in that show. Even Pulp Fiction had the hotel scene.
  20. K, I said I was getting going on Season 4, not done with the show, dickheads. Yes I'm going to open that spoiler.
  21. Reddit has done me so wrong! I tried reading those parts, but mainly just believed what a lot said on there. I did read the Joffrey part though, and yeah it was way too quick over and done with in the books.
  22. Has everyone ever noticed Vince Gilligan always talks about how they had to end it at the right time and how he thinks they made the right move ending it 'early'. Probably not, I'm probably the most nerdy one on here about this stuff. Considering it was pretty perfect start to finish, I would agree, but the amount of times he brings that up, makes me wonder if he is unsure himself or can't stop wondering if they would have kept going. I don't know how they would make it longer, but it still feels like he's such a headcase about that decision to end the show 'with wanting more' instead of going 8-10 seasons or w.e like they could have.
  23. Nothing more satisfying than I read that wasn't in the books which makes it kind of weird and still the only thing that holds this show back for me at times from being as good as the 'tippy top' of my rankings. That was my problem with The Boys. Obviously, this show is leagues better than that, and most ever, but I hate whenever it feels like the directors/writers have to add a little extra edge than is necessary just for the sake of it/shock value. Also, Season 1-4 so far are amazing though, although I've heard it dies off after that, outside of season 6, and I can see it. As of right now, I'm putting it right behind Lost by a small margin. I'll wait till I'm done with at least the whole show, because Lost did also go off the rockers with the but can't see it passing Breaking Bad ever. If you forget about Breaking Bad just try not to get nostalgic as hell watching this. Miss them
  24. That is definitely how the medieval times were, which is why I can look past it/enjoy the fucked upness of it, and they normally do it good, but you can always tell when they are wanting to do shock value or take it next level for the audience reaction. I've never liked that, or find it edgelordy. But, it hasn't ruined the show or anything. Almost not a single scene is wasted. I really hope some of these people die though. Basically everybody but Tyrion, his body guard, most the Starks, Hound & Jaime can be the 'bad dudes turned likeable' I guess. Ygrittes a gem also. @Nasa was this in season 3? I'm almost done with it, so wonder if I saw it already. The whole 'whores' having to pleasure each other with the medieval devices was definitely my limit. If it has to do with Aryan I'll die.
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