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  1. He's been on a weird sympathy run lately, kind of awkward.
  2. He taught us how to live life like an adventure. He taught us sometimes your best friend is not your girlfriend. He told us how to go on a voyage. He told us the truth that love hurts. He taught us not to kiss and tell (when it's your close friend's ex wife) He told us when the shoe fits.
  3. Other people's ambitions often frighten people.
  4. "Let's grab beers in Austin!" Asshole.
  5. Ava never tried to be blink. Blink was centered around the humor and songwriting abilities of Mark & Tom. PERIOD. Tom went off to discover uncharted territories, that involves experimental musical, unsurprised he has songwriters credits amongst his posse for said experimental band.
  6. You're damn right you wouldn't. Asshole.
  7. Tom is on his own, Mark has Travis and a supposed Tom - second songwriter/guitarist - replacement. Nobody gives a fuck what AvA does. What +44 does. What Boxcar does. They can hire who they want. They are experimental side pieces in my book. Blink is Mark + Tom. A force of nature that took the genre and music by storm. They started the band by writing songs from the heart. We don't want to hear what fans of the band come up with outside 1 or 2 remixes for that entity. We don't want Billy Joel hiring people to write songs for him. Blink is our Billy Joel. Billy Joel = Blink > Billy Joe.
  8. I could honestly see the Losing My Mind song being a random radio hit. It's not like usual AvA at all. Didn't realize all this was all dropping!! So excited for the last inner breaths of Blink's remains to hit my ears!
  9. Blink has been working with outside songwriters. All of AvA's songwriters are part of Tom's gigantic shlonge.
  10. Jan tip #3,127:  No one asked for Speedo tips.

    1. Speedo


      You don't need to ask for Speedo tips, they're always there to help. 

  11. It's weird having the new generation being complete ass and blink trying to follow suit instead of heading it with green day. *sigh*
  12. Fair. I can't say 40 bad songs is worth the 2 good ones he probably didn't even write. *Sigh*
  13. Curry winning with Golden State was obviously nice compared to the Lebron/Durant/*insert star player jumping teams here* common ground, but it still was such a super team that it kind of isn't as feel good for a non GS fan.
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