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  1. Yeah it's entertaining though, like the Eminem beef. He's good for the industry, just not anyone I'd want to follow outside of the music. Travis is shocking me with the pop punk influence/producing, New Found Glory carrying the veteran heart side of things, good stuff.
  2. Just went to first concert in a while - Ben Folds. Probably no fans here, not a major fan, but he was hilarious and would have a good time with his mistakes mid intro, reminded me of blink back in the day a bit. There is just a huge difference between bands that take themselves too seriously and don't, especially live. Made me really miss those days witnessing blink being able to be that way.
  3. I will certainly take One Republic over Imagine Dragons. I don't like any of these modern depressing bands either, but at least they have All The Right Moves and Apologize. Respectable hits. Imagine Dragons - Believer I will confidently say is the worst song of all time.
  4. Yeah, Kenny Hoopla is good. It's a good mix of a lot of elements you can tell he's made for. Definitely get pop punk/many other genres vibes in a modern setting.
  5. I want to develop a spaghetti recipe that cures cancer. I'm a genius. Send some $.
  6. Finally gave him a chance. I definitely like it time to time for a modern artist. Hollywood sucks is good.
  7. Tesla's also look fucking stupid. I'm all for self driving cars, makes sense, but it looks like an emoji car. The wide open windows so everyone can see in too eek. The iPad looks so janky. Self righteous bitch.
  8. The fact people think Elon Musk arose from the ground and came up with self driving cars, underground tunnels, and mars colonization as his destiny pretty much sums it up.
  9. I meant Space X or whatever all his ventures are grouped under. They're not innovative ideas. We all thought of these same things when we were 13, he's just able to do them.
  10. He definitely is a bit of a douchebag. I don't think Tesla is going to change the world as much as everyone thinks it is. It comes off as a faux genius thing that millennials jizz over. Andrew Yang is much more who you should be looking up to.
  11. I honestly like just about every star wars game except a few, and way more than the movies themselves, so I probably will. The prequels biggest asset is the games they were able to inspire with a wider universe to implement. That is just the first cover of a star wars game where I said "this looks lame".
  12. Never tried it. Looks kind of dumb but willing to give it a download.
  13. Yeah I remember Galaxies, it was fucking immense. They just don't have that dedication anymore. Never understood why, star wars is perfect potential for a massive open world game people can nerd out to. Galaxies was closest. Actually my Mt. Rushmore: 1. Star Wars Galaxies (massive, open world) 2. Jedi Knight/Academy (saber mechanics, online mods) 3. Battlefront 1/2 (shooting game) 4. Jedi Power Battles (couch co-op)
  14. If this is still around I would definitely be down to get some blink matches going. I promise it's the best gameplay out there for SW.
  15. Jedi Academy is close to that. It was all skill based so I really don't think it'd be dated although it came out 10 years ago. I bet there's still a community. If there's anything new in development that'd be fucking great though and been saying that for my whole life. They will likely fuck up the saber mechanics though. But if you put the scope of our lives into picture - this is by far the most needed thing in our existence, an open world star wars game (Jedi Knight/Academy was so under radar and didn't have license for any movie name players) and it's shocking and pathetic we've yet to ever have one.
  16. Jan meltdown soon.  Not sure why, just feel it coming on.

  17. Is this my first A I've ever gotten from the Professor?
  18. It only allowed for 12 text names like that. I thought about screenshotting everyone's usernames, but then I thought I have a life.
  19. https://tiermaker.com/create/board-members-rankings-1247279
  20. As much as I like(d) having blink back, I can't fathom how anyone can put the new albums above any of the classics. Just blinkbots overthinking things.
  21. I regret helping facilitate this.
  22. Right-click on the imgbb and then 'open image in new tab' That link will transfer over.
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