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  1. Rebel Girl was released April 30th 2019, let that sink in.
  2. I can't tell if Tom looks more like Adam Lazarra or Tom Brady in the Do It For Me Now video. Those verses are so bad.. Good chorus though.
  3. Because Ava is tongue in cheek, to an extent, just like Blink is to punk rock.. Tom is hilarious
  4. I denied liking WMAA for so long but it secretly always was and always will be one of my favorite songs. It hits different at a bar or wedding half way through your drunk these days.
  5. JFC, I skim through the down video and see cool shots of skateboarding and Tom singing at the camera and Terry Crews driving a cop car, I skim through the Darkside video and right away see a purple fucking playground at a elementary school recess fuck that video with a passion.
  6. Say what you want about WMAA, but that might just be 'peak' blink. It's really perfection in terms of where Mark/Tom/Travis were at with their respective points in the band. Mark was in control, Tom was more easy going but still a great guitarist/team player, Travis wasn't too cocky/overkill yet. They were completely confident but not arrogant/jaded yet. That video was just iconic.
  7. I really do not like the Bored to Death video, although it was a cool song when it first dropped. Adventure I think gets a little overhyped on here but when the verse first drops in this video is one of my favorite moments from Tom, it's just really exciting. Just hate how the song slows down personally.
  8. We will never, ever, see this Box Car unreleased song in our lifetimes. That would be sweet though, and random. How sweet would unreleased Blink 182 songs be from their heyday? That would honestly make up for all of this California era nonsense.
  9. I mean, that's chill. Sounds like he knows what he wants. Shots at Mark with the judgemental stuff?
  10. It means I've had worse blowups on here over similar topics it's nothing to worry about or get bent out of shape over.
  11. Yeah, getting picky, neither are amazing, I liked Feeling this at the time but it's a bit trying too much imo. That said, I'll take EITHER of these any day over the music videos we get nowadays, grafitti rooms and all, and especially over Bored to Death, SOOHM, Darkside
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