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  1. Yikes dude, do we need to get you checked in? Biomy at the top?
  2. I think this could be interesting for Dinner Ranch or Enema... @yodda Fuck it, Cali? I don't know what I'd even vote for that one, hate almost all of it
  3. "You were never mine, so goodnight and nevermind" did Mark actually come up with a clever lyric again? NVM has grown on me, seriously would put it and One Little Lie up there with anything they've done since DED, on Bored To Death, First Time levels. Actually, when's the last time anyone's listened to Bored To Death? Kinda slow.
  4. The only thing holding it back from a very good blink song is this. Can't stand that shit.
  5. Yayyy I feel like I won something, these are my top 2. That being said, HEAVEN is slightly less for me.
  6. Matt is such a bad fit. It's getting awkward.
  7. Great now we get to get 20 Instagram posts of Tom screenshotting his computer and awkward mentions during AvA interviews..
  8. NHTSO is the most overrated song in a long time... Time to bring out the crabs
  9. Seinfeld was good but can we admit comedians in cars getting coffee is utter shit that's he's been doing lately? This was gold though:
  10. That was pretty funny though, wouldn't the American pronunciation be one hundred and eighty two?..
  11. Whooaaa ohh ohhhohh is this even a competition? Are you people on crack? NO HEART TO SPEAK OF
  12. Friends is really like a frozen pizza (microwave was a bit mean Kay), it just works when you don't want to put much effort in and have a momentary satisfaction. The answer the snobs are looking for though is "it appeals to Americans because we are degenerates"
  13. The only thing better than Friends is this. One of the best psychological thrillers you can have.
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