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  1. Joey was always hit or miss but this and when Chandler kept tricking him to win games was so damn funny:
  2. I actually don't care much about the mix-ups and mistakes that much, it's blink afterall, it's more just the lack of shits given hollier than thou attitude and overall low energy that drives me up a wall. Idc if you go 100 mph and sloppy, just look like you enjoy what you're doing for 2 seconds and not looking like you're just cashgrab tour band.
  3. Just rewatched the Scream movies. Monica was great in it 😉
  4. Fuck you yodda! Fuck youuu! This game is a lot more engaging than I anticipated. Toss up between the bottom three: No Heart To Speak Of
  5. Mark was kinda of funny really getting into the songs and singing really loud. I think I know why Matt has sunglasses on.. There's a mini scrolling monitor in there with the lyrics! Zing!
  6. Noooooo Run Away is so above average, can't believe some of the stinkers left
  7. There's a good song in there somewhere, pretty much the case for all new blink songs (sans a few good ones thru and thru).
  8. He hates blink, with a passion, someone needs to do a body language read on the guy. He's always wearing a hat/shades, I know he's always been the mysterious type but it feels like he gives zero shits and I do not blame him he's artistically held hostage and always came off as someone who's passionate about that
  9. I think the poll results are accurate representation to my likeability of the characters, except I think Monica was necessary.
  10. We tried to have a Friends group in high school and it worked for a while but now we all hate eachother.
  11. Joey and Chandler were the best roommates though. Peak Friends imo.
  12. I think Rachel was a lot of guy's first. And by first I mean "Jan, what are you doing under the blanket?!"
  13. She convinced my ex girlfriend to be whiny and high maintenance all the time because she loved Rachel so much.
  14. Damn Rachel still looks fine. Obnoxious character though but necessary.
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