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  1. Man, thats well played. Sounds better than original imho.
  2. https://youtu.be/lCbuxJLYy4I This was good. It has alot blink-wibe in it.
  3. You sound alot like Mark. Cool songs!
  4. Its crazy how much Tom could bring this song, if you think of it. A bit of I Miss You Live at Pepsi - singing here and there, and a few trademark riffs. Would be a 10.
  5. As usual, didnt read what anyone says but this song is rad. Awesome tune, 8,5/10 We even got The Travis back! Wicked drums all the way.
  6. Thanks. That is one fucking horror thing to do when your Esc is located down right.
  7. MY COCK, this sounds party awesome! How cool it would be if they played with vocals a little, and did it like that. Would pay to see Tom+Skiba w/ blink.
  8. So anyone seen the firts parts of thw history channel's docu?
  9. CC182

    Life's So Boring

    Was this from the "demo album" of enema, where all the songs were tuned down a bit?
  10. I just fell for you, Oliver. Couldnt agree more!
  11. Well, US government released classified video of "ufo" and they tell us they dont have a fucking glue what it is. This is a disclosure of something, from nytimes, cnn etc, but people didnt give a fuck. Tom is failing his mission. Too late.
  12. Hey - guestion that has baffeled me. I have they came to conquer uranus -lp, but the vinyl and the sleeve has different years printed. I think vinyl was labeled 1995 and the sleeve 1996, is this common?
  13. Im still fucked that blink canceled the stockholm-did from last summer.. what did you guys said about mark owning a farm?
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