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  1. This is incredible mate, congrats on such a talent.
  2. Tough question, but I have to say the cover of Janet Jackson - Together Again. I didn't think it was possible for that song to be improved. Mark's vocals sound so clean.
  3. Just heard the final mix of the EP. Don't expect it to sound like TOYPAJ, but it's definitely more Cali than Nine.
  4. I don't think there is a better player to watch in the league. Still not good enough for England though...
  5. Villa are the worst team to go a goal down against. Did to us what they did to Liverpool, expose you on the left with Grealish's pace and precision. I really believe he would fit in at any top side in the world. Phenomenal. Craig Shakespeare masterminding another PL win.
  6. I would take van der Beek in a heartbeat at the arse. He would have been the perfect replacement for Ramsey. I can't believe he's not starting, everytime I've seen him play for United this season I've been impressed. United should be building a team around him and Bruno. Cut the losses on Pogba and get rid.
  7. I was just really surprised at how lacklustre you were. But what an advert for how far both clubs have fallen in the last 10 years. Genuinely worried spurs might have a shot at the prem. 🤢
  8. Not a pretty game of football but Thomas and Gabriel are looking like our best signings in years.
  9. Just fuck off man. 😭😭😭
  10. This is such an odd spelling of BODMAS
  11. Genuinely haven't checked since the start of season.
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