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  1. I think that's kind of the point though. 1) because they've always said bands like the Descendents were their biggest influence and 2) because they've now released two songs, one a 2019 sounding modern pop-rocker and one a 80s/90s punk throwback. Hence the "Generational Divide"
  2. Could be a really cool best of both worlds scenario if they pulled it off. Has nobody here really ever listened to a Descendents album? They have tons of 0:30 to 1:00 long songs. It's not that weird and that's what this is nodding back to.
  3. A guy in the album thread yesterday literally said "Iā€™m not the biggest rap fan out there, outside of Eminem, Mike Shinoda, and maybe Logic" All three white dudes šŸ˜‚
  4. Oh yeah I've listened to these guys a bunch. Good shit. Not as memorable to me though for some reason. They're no Iron Chic
  5. Haha fair enough, but at least 2 people mentioned it! That's like a very backwards thinking, worst case scenario idea for me. If Tom comes back they better record or it's totally pointless.
  6. Wait so one of the biggest complaints of the new era is a stale hits-only set (which I agree with) but now we want a no new music, hits only, tour every few years scenario? Nah I'm good. #tombotlogic
  7. Wish I had a reason to follow this but the US is too fucking pathetic to even participate. Guess I'll watch some MLS See ya in 2022. Possibly
  8. Whaaat? Everyone complains Matt didn't write enough and that the lyrics are generic and forced. Then when he does write specifically about himself (Sober, Parking Lot) it's disingenuous? Seriously can't win.
  9. "I need money, please give me money" is what Kickstarters are for. It's completely disingenous to ask fans to invest in a sham company w/ impossible objectives and no hope of a return.
  10. You can't be serious? He is literally trying to trick people into "investing" in a company so he can build spaceships and invent time travel.
  11. Another totally fine and reasonable blink performace, another blink-182online meltdown.
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