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  1. As if I wouldn’t donate my left nut for my boy Mark
  2. Not really a podcast guy necessarily but I got curious and checked out the TSurt interview....gotta say, nicely done. Interesting and mostly professional sounding. How are you getting them to agree to come on?? Chris Holmes is a pretty big get
  3. Didn't see this posted here yet! Link from the blink reddit https://www.musicbusinessworldwide.com/hipgnosis-acquires-catalog-from-blink-182-co-founder-tom-delonge/
  4. I remember there was an old Wii game that came out where you are a scuba diver and literally all you do is swim around and look at fish/whales/marine life etc. Probably a shit game but sounds like what you are talking about. Endless Ocean. Or just ignoring the actual missions and driving around, exploring, doing nothing in GTA is fun.
  5. Lol yup, I guess I assumed you could just roll in and start spamming like a lot of past Star Wars games. But no seems like you actually have to time the parry and be strategic 😂
  6. Holy shit same, I'm still at the beginning just finishing Bogano and the damn frog-lizard thing must've killed me 10+ times before I lowered the difficulty. Not sure if I suck or just haven't figured it out yet. Never played Dark Souls or anything like that either
  7. I mean I just replayed LttP on the SNES Classic earlier this year and there's still no way I could have done it without the Classics save system and the internet for a couple parts. You'd be ripping your hair out otherwise
  8. This and the full underwater Josie video both. It's bullshit, blink fans deserve these!
  9. I think its both? The bus stop line referencing the school and the bar line referencing the Thousand Oaks one that happened at a bar & grill.
  10. Same I cant download shit on my work computer. Got a google drive link for iPhone but looks like it's down now.
  11. Nah. Gotta chase those aliens. Investigate those rocks. Invest now!
  12. It's so obvious Tom needs to do what JarJar and I have said for a couple years now. Drop the lame, pretentious Ava bullshit and tour as a solo act. And then he could play an entire set of full blink and BCR songs. Throw in a couple of the good Angels songs....it would be so much better than this.
  13. I think that's kind of the point though. 1) because they've always said bands like the Descendents were their biggest influence and 2) because they've now released two songs, one a 2019 sounding modern pop-rocker and one a 80s/90s punk throwback. Hence the "Generational Divide"
  14. Could be a really cool best of both worlds scenario if they pulled it off. Has nobody here really ever listened to a Descendents album? They have tons of 0:30 to 1:00 long songs. It's not that weird and that's what this is nodding back to.
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