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  1. The most blink182online reaction to a new song ever. Pandemonium when it’s leaked and about 24 hours after then, “Eh don’t really listen to it.”
  2. Listen to the local radio station for the first time in years and what do you know they’re not only playing this song, but were hyping it up beforehand
  3. Imagine if you just didn’t include the mgk comments. Would be so much easier to read and appreciate your comments
  4. Daily MGK quota hit before lunch, well done
  5. Tom background vocals “oh no” during Marks bridge is so so good.
  6. I think as times gone on I tend to agree with this. Rest are pretty forgettable but that one sticks with me
  7. Was this interview posted anywhere? https://www.vulture.com/2022/10/blink-182-reunion-matt-skiba-tom-delonge.html
  8. Remember the weird part in When I Was Young where the guitar cuts out? God its awful
  9. Targeted advertising. I haven’t seen any of that.
  10. they got that kardashian/barker money supporting the band now, they can spend way more to promote
  11. My gf who does not listen to pop punk music or blink really at all outside of the mega hits was humming it all morning. “I cannot get that melody out of my head.” Classic blink
  12. Kinda cool tbh, I imagine having her promoting blink will introduce them to entirely new younger audiences. I see it only as a positive.
  13. The people… being 10 people.
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