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  1. god damn its 10 songs and 2 of them are from like more than a year ago lol... even if they're good songs, this is a poor offering for as long as we've waited,
  2. Listen to his music, not a rapper
  3. He’s not a rapper... I guess you just assumed
  4. haven't seen this discussed, but may have missed it... anyone hear KennyHoopla's new jam w/ Travis Barker himself?? This shit bangs haaaaaaaaaaaaaard
  5. God damn he sounds exactly like he does on the album. His voice isnt amazing or anything, but damn if this isnt a great performance
  6. Helps that Travis produced the record and drums on all the songs :)
  7. Certified bangers: title track bloody valentine forget me too WWIII concert for aliens my exs best friend jawbreaker nothing inside Not sure on kiss, kiss or drunk face, maybe growers.
  8. 'forget me too' is incredible. Whole album is solid, people who like the poppier side of pop punk going to find a lot to like here. Feels like the natural evolution of pop punk given where the rest of pop went over the last decade. Travis is so talented man.
  9. Concert for Aliens is fire too
  10. Well that and the vocals he belts out now ... woof
  11. Bloody Valentine (legit banger IMO) brought me in to try his music and while i don't love it all, he's got talent and a lot of catchy music there's no denying it. If pop punk goes mainstream again because of this then great!
  12. Love is Dangerous is such a shit song
  13. So how do we all feel about MGK of all people bringing pop punk back to the mainstream? Bloody Valentine is bloody brilliant
  14. For real, what do they look forward to at this point? UFO documents getting released? Where is that god damn album Thomas?
  15. That would be Matt Skiba, of Blink 182 fame. Pretty weird how people are so obsessed with this Skiba thing... if he wasn't in the band anymore we'd know.
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