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  1. Not a song on that “mixtape” that I don’t love
  2. I’d think even if you hate everything Travis has put out over the last couple years, we can all agree it’s so dope he’s trying to resuscitate the pop punk genre. I’m really impressed and surprised by the sheer amount of quality shit he’s helping produce
  3. My favorite Barker collabs thus far are 1) KennyHoopla 2) MGK in a very close 2nd 3) jxdn… shockingly very impressed even though I’m way too old for this lol MGK is featured on one of these new songs and as I was listening this morning all I could think is man his voice is so refreshing in the pop punk genre. That super deep register is unique and he’s perfected his sound. I know there are people who can’t stand him but I’m a sucker for his brand of pop punk, he’s special. I cannot wait for album 2.
  4. Here he is covering Darkside. Hes got a decent voice
  5. Yet another Barker joint. Apparently signed to his new record label? Either way... very very pop punk, for good or for bad. Personally I'm enjoying the album, particularly the clear as day nod to/sample of 'Feelin This' in this song...
  6. The people who try to pin Tom and Mark against each other based on who "was responsible for more hits" are weirdos.
  7. I liked a lot of AVA's first and second albums, they're pretty good. It astonishes me that anyone could get any enjoyment out of any album they've released since, outside of the one or two decent songs per record. This song is like a carbon copy of 'dry your eyes'. Much like the last single, this stinks.
  8. this song is literal fire
  9. I'll just go ahead and say this, and i want it to be known that i've been at the bar drinking most of the night, BUT.... 'Silence is also an answer' and 'Smoke Break' BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG so hard turned up in a car at night. Holy shit this kids a talent.
  10. Me personal favorites are this one, but in particular the first track “silence is also an answer” and “smoke break.” Travis MURDERS the drum set on silence
  11. Putting any of the latest AVA stuff on a best of list is tough.
  12. It’s weird. A lot of noises going on here, none of which are particularly memorable. I really don’t imagine myself listening to that again
  13. Funny story, the lead singer of relient K has a credit on the song
  14. I’m a big fan of MGKs foray into pop punk thus far, and at first I didn’t much care for this latest one but damn if it doesn’t catch on and live inside your head
  15. New KennyHoopla ft Travis on drums/writing. This kids the real deal, what a fuckin banger. Fans of early blink should listen.
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