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  1. Idk… Cock Party 2 is a great title though.
  2. Watching the Cleveland performance, damn they sound good live. Weird.
  3. KennyHoopla is back with another banger. I wish he'd make longer songs, cuz god damn this is fire.
  4. On my first listen still. Seemingly less bangers on here than the last album, but it could be a grower.
  5. That's the best live performance of Dammit in a long time. Really pleased with how fun/good Edging was
  6. Wasn’t able to watch last night, but I caught the recorded show this morning. So how we feeling about that performance? Honestly pretty impressed.
  7. More new Hot Mulligan, only listened a couple times and wasn't enthralled but perhaps a grower
  8. Only took them 6 years... and still no announcement lol, these guys are killin me
  9. Idk, hard to beat "Everyone has AIDs!", "Pearl Harbor Sucked (but i miss you)", "America Fuck Yea", "Freedom Isn't Free", "Montage", "I'm So Ronery", & "Only A Woman"
  10. This guys got mental health issues and its not funny IMO.
  11. Like this so much more than their last single
  12. Man, Concert for Aliens really is the best pop punk song in the last decades huh? Sheesh, what a tune by our boy MGK
  13. Edging is a lowkey great Blink single. So much better than the wet fart that was hearing Up All Night for the first time.
  14. Was checkin TM for the Chicago shows and what do you know… prices around $100 and a metric fuck ton of seats available. Who could have seen this coming? Also has me a bit worried these shows gonna be half empty lol
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