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  1. Great news everyone! MGK deluxe out today with 4 new songs. why are you here is an old song he never put on an album, but otherwise new shit. 9 lives bangs.
  2. Amazing to me some people in here appear to like limp bizkit but think MGK is the worst shit they’ve ever heard. Bizzaro world. At least MGK has Barker on the drums making pop punk music.
  3. More from the new Girlfriends album. These guys rarely miss, they deserve to take off
  4. Not saying much, but I’ll take the compliment
  5. I haven’t thought about Fred Durst in 20 years and I’d like to keep it that way thank you very much
  6. They frequently do blink covers at their live shows, definitely want to see them live. TSSF always skips my hometown and it sucks
  7. New girlfriends album out today. This song immediately caught my attention
  8. new Hot Mulligan, these guys were awesome live
  9. I’ll second the notion that I don’t go back to their music much at all anymore, but when I do I go deep down the rabbit hole and end up listening to multiple albums all the way through. im much more excited to hear new music and explore Spotify for new bands these days. Spotify is just the best thing.
  10. Its best left that way, trust me. Bizarre misfire
  11. Sure as long as we pretend that most recent APC album doesn’t exist
  12. Another good one just released tonight https://open.spotify.com/track/3dWy0VondkohX7GE6aOI3c?si=zRppSrnRQDWKNwMi4S-p8w edit: I knew this was a Feldy song haha, so him. Same guy who did Nine and Cali
  13. ya but that song is fire. I actually dont know how you guys can listen to this song and hate it. Absolute bang-a-rang
  14. Who’s ready for another MGK banger? You’re welcome.
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