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  1. with just a spash of doodoo
  2. really cool to see the two saviors of pop punk perform together live
  3. Lol so ridiculous. We get it Trav, you get laid.
  4. I think it’s very odd behavior, but I suppose you think it’s normal so we’re at an impasse yet again!
  5. Really love this song, found it on the pop punk isn’t dead playlist
  6. Wish I got to see paramore live back in their hay day. Hayley is 🔥
  7. His songs and albums are good, at least enough to be very popular, kinda like blink 182 back in the early 00s. I don’t care if he’s playing guitar or not (and he is!). Your hate for him is fucking weird. It’s super duper weird.
  8. He plays guitar, you can watch him do it in any number of live performances. Pretend he doesn’t if that’s what really gets your rocks off, idc. You’re just wrong. anyways, here’s Title Track by MGK and it’s better than anything blinks done in 15 years. And here’s Concert for Aliens, also better than anything blinks done in 15 years. I know it’s tough to see it laid out all plain and simple like this for you, has to hurt a little I guess. Hes tremendously talented, and he made a great pop punk album (two in my opinion but debatable). Deal with it you big ol hater.
  9. He absolutely plays guitar, I watched him live
  10. But why would I do that? I’m here for blink 😉
  11. Wow there’s a Discord and nobody invited me? The nerve. I have so many MGK videos to share
  12. When I first heard that song as an unsuspecting 11-12 year old, I thought it was a female singer. Didn’t realize until years later it was a dude lol
  13. Ryan Oakes has some pretty good pop punk stuff, this is my favorite
  14. A little preview of what Blink will look like once MGK takes Matt's spot
  15. Does anyone like This Is Home? Like actually like it? Surprised to hear anyone liked MH4193472838
  16. Pretty positive that was a Mark only song. It’s so boring, a good producer would have either cut that or completely changed most of it.
  17. As long as we never get anything like MH 4.18.2011 ever again. One of Marks worst songs by far.
  18. You have to love that MGK is front and center on that remakes track list 😂
  19. The blink subreddit is a disaster.
  20. Appreciate you tossing AM in there to try and mix it up but they’d literally never play that. No song from neighborhoods makes sense on a Greatest Hits tour, let’s be honest. Bored to Death should be on there, but I doubt Tom would play it.
  21. You can’t leave it there, explain. I’d love to know why this is actually a good lyric
  22. Best lyrics ever, haters quite don’t understand it
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