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  1. Agreed, Wolfpack is def Top 10 AVA songs for me. I liked Verse 1 in that demo a lot until we found out it’s wayyyy too similar to that one song, second verse above is definitely a throwaway - I think they released the best version tbh. Also I have decided Euphoria > K&T, so good.
  2. Ghent’s role should be #OriginalAngel Do we have any others?
  3. At least 5 lurking TomBots are gasping rn seeing this
  4. I’m not following @JarJarBlinks? @Elisa I didn’t try to get tickets to either of those shows so I’m not sure how quick they went, but I know several folks who scored VIP tickets easily. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if there was a limited amount though, esp for VIP. On the other stuff, no one knows what’s coming over the next 11 months and as I’ve said even a few limited items and some early access will be worth the money to me personally. It’d have to be pretty terrible for me to consider $4/month an absolute ripoff but I’ll report back in a year I suppose!
  5. I genuinely wonder when it was exactly that Tom changed his view on fans? I assume when they blew up and it became uncomfortable. It’s crazy how many stories I hear of Mark going out of his way to be cool to fans, and how many I hear of Tom going out of his way to avoid them.
  6. We all know Tom is fine, I’m supporting Matt/Ilan/David/TTS tbh. I wasn’t on ModLife so I’m not sure how that ended or how it left people feeling, though I typically hear good things about the M&Gs and access I thought?
  7. Would you pay $4/month for a blink club or is this a Tom thing?
  8. @NotNow both of those are courtesy of pirating, not sure what your point is. I prefer to support people/jobs. Sad as an ex-#Dreamer you support this tbh.
  9. Already have had 2 behind the scenes videos, live Q/A with Tom and early access to VIP tix. Not worth the price of a Happy Meal to support artists you enjoy? 13 cents a day?
  10. Any Tombots complaining about the live stream Q/A Tom just did for #membersonly that was rad? Well worth $1.02
  11. I definitely dig it, but like much of Tom’s lyrics dating back to Love/NH I can listen 25x and still can’t recall what he’s saying in the verses. Crushes RG/ATLIL imo.
  12. First single “Euphoria” is officially out, along with a few shows announced. Empire Club Members have access to buy tix now:
  13. Two things supposed to be announced with.
  14. I’m not allowed to confirm clips but the chorus has “mother f*cker” in it FWIW...video starts on a motorcycle and has the K&T chick in it in a thong. Supposed to drop Tues.
  15. Met up with previous pod guest for lunch yesterday who showed me, def more K&T than RG. Tom has teased part of the chorus before. Big things are coming too tbh.
  16. I have heard the song and watched the video, it’s rad. K&T level.
  17. DK was not at James, but I did hear and watch the Euphoria video and it’s dope!
  18. *flashes Platinum Card and he has no clue what it is*
  19. I hope the fan club is just Jan and I, we’ll be Super VIPs. Heading to James Coffee Co shortly, will see if David is in.
  20. The Tombots are really irate over $1.02 per band member a month?
  21. Or support artists you enjoy? Don’t really see the problem here.
  22. I enjoyed the first BTS video they have of Tom describing the new album, sprinkle in a few of those with limited vinyl and early access to tickets and it is well worth $4.08/month imho. And that’s not even getting into the monthly livestreams/demos/studio stuff they’re promising.
  23. There is a member counter and it’s not high tbh... I’ll be happy if it gets me early access to VIP tix and some demos or listening parties. The lowest tier is $20 I think, worth a trial for a year. David’s intro video is clearly what he referenced in that pod interview btw.
  24. Proud member, Platinum cardholder.
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