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  1. Jesus: "As a result of the foregoing factors, the company’s net loss from operations was $10,660,495 in 2018 compared to a net loss of $30,665,436 for the 2017 year. These amounts include non-cash stock-based compensation expense recorded by the company during 2018 and 2017. Excluding the impact of non-cash stock-based compensation expense, the company’s net loss from operations was $1,495,078 in 2018 compared to $1,129,637 for the 2017 year"
  2. Any video of any of their concerts is better than your "performance" that you rage deleted. Plenty of people have posted Alk3/blink clips of Skiba playing guitar just fine. If you are waiting for someone to find a clip of Tom/Skiba playing some wild solo, it ain't happening - it's not their style for stuff they play. But if either one of them sat down and practiced or looked at the tabs, I'm sure they could handle that whopping ~25 second Queen solo. I'm done entertaining this nonsense, if you are as amazing as you think you are, go play local gigs or try out for American Idol and see how far you get. We should see you on TV in no time!
  3. I make a good sandwich based on a recipe I found online and practiced, much more complex than Subway does. I could replace Subway. Could even replace Jimmy Johns. Show me one sandwich they make as complex, cowards? Oh you can't, again I am better than Subway & even Jimmy Johns.
  4. Is that really his argument now on being better than Tom/Skiba? Lmao! Most decent guitarists could learn all 25 seconds of that with a bit of practice. I was expecting some 3 minute Van Halen/Steve Vai shred fest...sheesh.
  5. Here is the full 102 page document about the latest TTSA #investment opportunities... They raised 1.3 million on the last offering, the minimum investment required this time is $350...this thing is funny to read. Edit: Just got an email about investing, and this is one of the things they list they "accomplished": -New music and U.S. tour by Angels & Airwaves to help increase visibility for our cause Edit 2: more from the document Expected 2019 products: -New music and U.S. tour by Angels & Airwaves. These events (release dates to be determined) are expected to bring high brand visibility and increased product sales.
  6. Lol sorry, there's no way I was going to be able to sit there and watch that for 9 days... Thanks, I kept going up until I gave him an offer he couldn't refuse. Over $100, but less than $200.
  7. Your boastful claim that you were called to defend was whether or not you could replace Skiba as a co-front man of blink-182...arguing whether or not Tom/Skiba can nail a solo someone else wrote that you practiced and learned is pointless... Yes if you practiced a ton, perhaps you could nail a blink set as a backup/rhythm guitarist/4th member they hide behind the curtain at live shows. A lot of people could. Taking guitar/vocal duty? Nope, no chance. And then you add in other factors such as playing to massive crowds, songwriting, performance, etc., just not happening.
  8. "This song goes out to Tom who is overtaking Area 51 in the near future"
  9. Here's a final thought, if you have to delete your bedroom performance, it probably isn't good enough to play in front of 15,000 paying people. Should have thousands of views and a #ReplaceSkiba petition signed by now? All hail ye. Is this a complaint? Sorry, hard to hear over 90,000 screaming fans:
  10. So have you at least admitted somewhere than you can't replace Skiba? Wasn't that your original claim and point of all of this? Now you are clinging on to some hope that you are better at guitar, because you know a Queen solo and Skiba/Tom haven't googled the tabs? My uncle won best guitarist in Indiana, and couldn't replace Tom/Skiba and plays at crappy bars to 10 people. You are nowhere near "replacing Skiba" level. If you feel you are, please start an Alk3 or blink cover band, and lets see how that goes over, along with high quality video of your performances.
  11. You couldn't even nail your own cherry picked setlist in your spare bedroom (songs you have been playing for 10-15 years), live streaming via potato to 7-8 people you talk to online every day. You really think you can replace Matt Skiba/Tom Delonge in blink-182 in front of 90k people in Quebec the other day? LOL. Just stop man, you should've stopped 2 days ago when people were being halfway nice about your stream. It doesn't matter how skilled/technical you are on guitar, or whether or not you can play piano/drums/jazz flute/etc. You could hit 95% of your Free Throws, does that mean you could replace LeBron? Live guitar "skill" alone is a fraction of what Matt/Tom do in blink.
  12. Ok, an absolute "Holy Grail" type pick-up for me. If you've read the thread, you know that I have been tracking this stuff for a long time and how rare full band signed BCR stuff is. It literally took me 6-7 years to come across ONE cd signed by the full band, in the correct time period, and I search for this stuff daily. I can count the number of authentic BCR fully band signed items I have seen on one hand. My jaw nearly hit the floor when I saw these 2 items: ...and I could barely sleep until I worked out a deal for them!!! Full band signed BCR CD and DVD signed in 2002 in Chicago: Trav was using his "t$" signature at this time, and Tom with the "TD BCR" sig. Also signed by David Kennedy and Anthony Celestino. DVD signed at the same time, 3 on the front: Trav on the back (I don't know why he signed the back, but in the one other example I have of this DVD signed, he also signed the back of that): As far as BCR stuff goes, it really gets no better than this. So stoked to add these to the collection.
  13. What in the world does a Queen solo clip prove? Tom can't play that either, are you now better than Tom or anyone who hasn't looked up how to play that and practiced it? Your video actually made me appreciate Skiba even more, in his 75 minute sets he might screw up 2-3 times. Countless issues in your performance.
  14. You missed a bunch of notes and the timing was all over the place, the vocals were not even close. Again, not trying to break your heart or anything, it was solid and cool you know so many songs...but it should not be breaking news that most people aren’t as good as professional musicians who do this every day, for a living. If you practiced real hard maybe you could make it in a blink cover band, but in blink? C’mon man. I always thought you were halfway joking on this ridiculous high horse, surely you can’t be devastated over this...
  15. LOL!!! Imagine Skiba demanding videos of his mistakes be removed or threads be taken down because the audience is incapable of giving a “fair opinion”. Skiba gets crap 24/7 from miserable TomBots and barely flinches. Oliver (who admittedly hasn’t played these songs in years and didn’t practice) gets told he’s worse than a professional musician whose life is music and is in meltdown territory. Oliver you brought this on yourself, I actually thought most the comments were fairly positive considering you were live-streaming via potato. Skiba is a legend, not a bad thing to be worse than him by any means.
  16. Bruh c'mon now, stop while you are halfway ahead. Most people are proud of you for actually doing it, and it's cool that you know a lot of blink/BCR songs. It'd be fun to bust out at a party/karaoke/showing off in front of some people. But...Skiba crushes you (and you've probably been playing these songs 20 years, compared to his 4) Skiba does this and there are pitchforks, sounds like Neil Young man:
  17. Valiant effort, I can only watch so much because the sound quality is so bad, but you can play guitar a little better than I expected. Vocals were pretty hard to hear, though some were all over the place... (STFTK 2nd verse, whoa???) Needless to say: Although I saw Marilyn Manson last night and I'm pretty sure you could replace him, worst show I've ever seen!
  18. Why even film a video for Rebel Girl at this point? Feels like eons ago. Also, TTSA had some new "investor" report come out, Italia did a good summary (I'd like to read the whole thing if anyone finds it)
  19. Cool thanks, I want to compare to some examples I have from that time period tomorrow. I’ve only seen a few “travis 182” so those would be rare examples but were indeed early 99’ as he was figuring out his autograph. I like the guitar more than I do the album (especially Mark) but I need to do some more comparisons when I get to my exemplars. Thanks for sharing!!!
  20. Did you get those signed personally? I’d like to see some clearer/closer pictures of the signatures.
  21. Does that little guitar slide/screech/rattle drive anyone else nuts? I can’t unhear it and it’s like nails on a chalkboard lol. It’s most obvious in the intro but it’s looped throughout on that same riff.
  22. Yeah I was wondering if this was just happening to me? I keep getting redirected to “Loomaspace” every time I click on a thread on mobile Safari. I reset all my Safari settings and it’s still happening... Oliver I tuned in for the first few songs but the sound quality was pretty bad and I had to be quiet, will check out more later.
  23. I hope this is the case but it just puts Matt in a weird spot, I doubt he sees it or cares but he deals with enough Tom crap as is. Every time it's about to settle down a bit, something like this pops up. Like Trav's "quit playing with my emotionz" comment, if Skiba is sensitive, you could interpret that as Trav really misses Tom and isn't happy with Skiba... it's just so unnecessary. It's like your new wife's ex-husband posting throwback pix of him and her, and she's commenting on all of them and saying "quit playing with my emotionzzzz". Even if she wants to type that, she shouldn't out of respect for your feelings IMO... Also, they did launch new lapel pins ~30 minutes after his post LOL:
  24. I hope Skiba is oblivious to all this crap. It pisses me off that they do this and put him in an even more awkward situation.
  25. Must be releasing some new lapel pins soon, gotta get out the blink tease first. "Unity" lol...aka... "when Mark/Trav were willing to work on my time, at my convenience, with my ideas, on my platforms, everything was great!!!"
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