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  1. I like it too. It was right around the time Trav was doing the “Pyscho White” thing with him which I was into, so it was neat to see him pop up on what I considered just a X-mas gift EP. I wouldn’t know Uzi if he was right next to me, so no clue on that. I’d probably prefer no features on a full blown album, but I’m open minded, especially if they consider it one of the best “10-12 songs” from 50+ total. (Btw Yelawolf’s last album that just came out is full of absolute bangers!)
  2. Exactly one year ago we had the first “New Blink songs Day 1” post!
  3. Finally was able to watch the premiere, thought it was ok, but that they will need to severely pick up the pace if there's truly only 5 episodes left? Anyway, spoilers ahead on some interesting points I read here.
  4. @ebayscammakilla no I do not. Couple recent pick-ups I wanted to show off: So I now have Tom on TOYPAJ by himself, and Mark/Trav on one... how sad lol. If only I could combine them!
  5. Cool S.C. quick tour video, gives me old school Blink video vibes with the humor/way him and Alex interact. Wish we'd get more of these with blink, and lmao @ Mark's last line:
  6. Trav posted this in his IG story, unfortunately no audio lol... troll move! Looks like it says "Blink182 Uzi Dreaming 4.0 Conway" ?? Apparently there is a rapper Lil Uzi Vert whom I hope is NOT featured on the song lol. Maybe it started as a Travis drum beat for him that turned into a Blink song:
  7. Trav laying down some of the final drums, they really may be finishing this week! Let’s go!
  8. new snippet? sounds like Matt and more alternative than I would expect:
  9. Apparently he's done working with Blink which is kinda sad I guess, even though I never bought much official merch.
  10. Mark was in the studio all day yesterday: And Trav posted what appears to be a new Blink snippet as someone mentioned above, here is a link: Sounds like a bridge/outro, kinda meh, doesn't do much for me.
  11. Where'd the Pharrell info come from, his IG live? From a "I want to pick up a guitar and learn that song" selfish standpoint, I just really hate that approach. But at this point it doesn't really matter and I'm just stoked to hear anything! Just please god have a few halfway decent guitar riffs. Kinda scared this may end up being mostly Frankenstein'd/layered pop instrumentals.
  12. Just re-read the timeline/first 20 pages (lol). I forgot they had mentioned the lead "single" was referred to as "Paris" back in Feb. Will be interesting to see if the stuff they have done in the past 2 months surpasses that in their opinion... Also we are 4 days away from 1 year of writing for this album. Safe to say that surpassed most people's expectations. (4/20/2018 was "New Blink Songs Day 1".)
  13. Feldy in the house: And from a couple days ago "New blink is next level tho" !!! Also apparently in an IG Live video the other day, Mark said they are finishing the album this week? (Hate how he deletes them after, so I didn't see it)
  14. They are on the verge of releasing a new album with Skiba, said he hasn't talked to Tom in 4+ years, and you guys think they are going to invite Tom to tour and/or kick Skiba out because of Instagram comments...LOL. Again, more delusional than Tom IMHO!!!
  15. 1. Why meet at a Ski resort, why not just text/call/email, or most likely email Tom's manager and pray for a reply? 2. I agree it's a big event, but it is being wasted on a Festival. If Tom was going to be involved, it would be a standalone highly promoted show(s) IMO. There's just no chance IMHO. I do think Mark is over it, and probably even feels a tad bad for Tom at this point deep down. BUT still wants him far away from Blink land....
  16. The correct answer is always: "Whatever someone is willing to pay." But $75ish low end, $150ish high end. Your $100-$125 evaluation would certainly be fair IMO.
  17. Well you were either looking at bad examples, or need your eyes checked They aren’t even close! But kidding aside, most people don’t have any clue about autographs and that is why people scribble on their old CDs and scam people on eBay for a quick buck. Forgeries are meant to fool people...so if you don’t know what you’re looking for, you may not even think twice about it. As I said, be careful. And if it seems too good to be true, it usually is.
  18. @ebayscammakilla First pic (Trav drum) is super dark and low res, but likely authentic from what I can see. Middle two are laughable fakes, Bottom one is authentic. Be careful, there are quite a few forgeries on eBay right now, including high dollar ones “authenticated” by top tier companies. (No surprise)
  19. Pharrell doesn’t bother me at all, I’d sign up now for him to do the whole album. It’s the other dingleberries that worry me, but I’ll definitely take these randoms over 100% Feldy all day. (Btw 311 just released a new Feldy tune and it’s funny to once again hear their fan base complain about how he is ruining them lol)
  20. He did a Meet & Greet after his set at some rock festival I went to ~10 years ago and if you bought his CD you got to meet him and the band for a super quick chat/autograph. I was in film school at the time and being the huge Halloween fan I am, used the opportunity to talk to him about that. He was super cool and asked about my school and the program. John 5 was even nicer.
  21. Trav's laying down drums (with 1 leg btw)
  22. I can't find a high enough quality one to be able to read hardly any of it... but that last couple lines look like: "I'll just rewrite the story. I just wanna be set fire (free?)"
  23. I don’t really care who they work with as long as it’s not Feldy so we get an idea of what “non-Feldy” infused Blink sounds like. Even if it sucks and we end up wanting Feldy back, I need to know at this point lol.
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