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  1. Ugh this was hard to read (Tom is also pictured in the article which is quite ironic)... Super-Producer John Feldmann pointers for how to write a pop-punk hit: https://www.theguardian.com/music/musicblog/2017/feb/27/pop-punk-how-to-write-john-feldmann-green-day-blink-182?CMP=share_btn_tw This part in particular just bothers me so much from my personal songwriting perspective: "Get to the Chorus: Stylistically, you can add a double kick drum, a guitar solo, a breakdown or screamy verses. But for the most part, the people who go and see shows are not musicians. They’re
  2. Those were originally given to V.I.P. ticket holders for the 10-year anniversary "Untitled" shows back to back nights at Palladium in L.A. I had 4 of them at one point lol. They pop up on eBay occasionally, if you can get one for $125-$200 it's a good deal.
  3. Did anyone have ETGBF VIP package last summer? I'm already wondering if they'll let me run to the car after the meet & greet? My show is general admission so I definitely am not trying to hold all the merch and stuff I get signed in the front row of the pit for 4 hours, it would most likely all be ruined.
  4. It depends on the app people use, I use Tweetbot and if I click on Mark's tweets everything is included in one big timeline. So yes, @ replies would be annoying to read there. It's just him being anal about his timeline, I use to do the same thing. And as @NotNow said, if someone clicks on his tweets, they'll see all the good stuff... not the unfunny tweets, RTs that are no longer relevant, or a ton of replies to fans which have no context. Tom usually posts stuff and deletes it within an hour once he realizes he acted impulsively or has second thoughts about it, it's completely dif
  5. Probably only 15-20 times which is why it caught me off guard! That part in particular he just sounds so much better to me the way he sings it as opposed to just saying it. (Which I can't say for all of his renditions) And after listening to TOYPAJ again, it's still definitely my favorite blink-182 album front to back. Side note: As I was looking up live versions of this, I checked out the 2014 Reading Festival which apparently I've never seen this version (I don't really care for First Date at all at this point). Although Tom sounds pretty shitty, I am cracking up at his "Is it wro
  6. So I put in TOYPAJ today, and when First Date was playing, I was hearing Skiba's version in my head and the one on the album seemed a bit foreign... so weird. Specifically the "Let's go, don't wait. This night's almost overrrr" part. I've heard that song a million times with Tom singing it, but my brain has already replaced it with the most current version to the point of the old one sounding "off" despite being the original. Thankfully I enjoy both Tom and Matt's version lol.
  7. Mark deletes all of his replies on Twitter after a few days, and even a lot of his tweets. He's been on Twitter for like 8 years now and has "1200" tweets right now... yeah right lol. I used to do the same thing, just to keep my timeline "clean" as @JarJarBlinks said.
  8. Hey guys Tom released a book yesterday in case anyone cares. Ok, now back to the debate!
  9. That's my favorite part, got the bass jamming underneath it and then then guitar kicks in! I love KOTW and the energy it brings, but Mark's first verse is pretty bad lyrically. It's one of the moments where I can envision Feldy saying "Write down the first thing that comes to your mind!" and them actually going with it. lol.
  10. I actually listened to the Untitled album twice yesterday for the first time in awhile, I was very surprised by the BCR and even early AVA vibes I got during certain parts. A really cool time period for Tom, you can hear the transformation taking place.
  11. He is just saying that once people start writing your songs you are merely a puppet in his opinion, and that anyone with guitar/vocal skills could step in.
  12. Right, and this is where I'd love to be a fly on the wall at Feldmann's studio while the album was being written. Truth is, none of us really know how much input Feldmann had. Did he help with a lyric or two on each song? Did he help Mark think of a word that rhymes with "______" (fill in the blank)? Did he create entire songs/choruses/bridges by himself? Did he create the BTD guitar riff that was used? Did he just inspire the guys creatively, and bounce ideas during writing sessions? We may never know, but from a purist point of view such as Oliver's, it doesn't matter. The fact that they had
  13. I definitely think so. I went to 2 shows over the summer and was absolutely blown away by how many people knew all of the words to the new songs. The acceptance from the fans has to feel great for Mark/Trav/Matt, this was a huge risk for all of them. Mark always talks about how cool it is to have such a diverse group of fans at the shows, from people who have been following them 20+ years who are now bringing their kids to the shows, to brand new fans at their first blink show. It is pretty neat when you think about it.
  14. Yeah but the 14 songs have been done for awhile right? So it's not like we're trying to rush the writing process, we're just wanting the greedy label to hurry up and release it since it's already done. But from a marketing perspective it definitely makes more sense to release it closer to the second "California" tour...
  15. I figured they were going to keep pushing it as far back as possible and get all the hype they can going into the European tour. I was just hoping it would be out before I see them again on April 27th. Hopefully they at least release a song or 2 before then!
  16. I remember, here they are lol:
  17. The first night after soundcheck there were a few dudes from Australia who were talking to Travis near me, I think I have it on video somewhere. But Travis said he was gonna try and get down there to play soon--and that he needed to hop on a boat! For the second show I was front row right in front of Mark--which meant I had to get my spot immediately and not move for 4 hours. I didn't even notice the kid falling or the medics coming in or anything. I didn't even know it happened until I read about it a few days later! Crazy. Those were some awesome shows though.
  18. I was at both the Palladium shows back to back nights and had the VIP thing where you got to attend soundcheck each night. Funny story as we were standing in line the first night, we saw Travis pull up in a black truck with FSAS rims. Not many people noticed, but I saw he just pulled up and parked right by the backdoor in the normal parking lot. After the show my buddy and I decided to stand around and see if we could get an autograph or something. (My buddy caught his drumstick he threw out during the encore and wanted that signed really bad) We wait for about an hour, and Mark/Skye
  19. Going through old phone pix and found some from the 2013 Untitled shows in L.A. I've only been on the West Coast for 3 days total, and it was to fly out to Cali and see those 2 shows, then fly right back. I remember during soundcheck people were requesting songs and Mark said "We're not monkeys, we actually need to practice some of these." I thought he was joking, but in hindsight he was probably telling the truth. On the 2nd night's soundcheck, I remember Tom saying they were going to record an album that next year, and let the fans create the album cover. Mark sorta looked at him surpr
  20. That Travis clip has some more insight than the shortened one that was posted previously: "Wait til you hear the deluxe album, we kinda fucked up and made an entire new album. But with them still working California we just can’t release a new album. 14 new songs on the deluxe along with all the songs that are already on it and D*face did like a new cover, just a new color way. It’s pretty cool."
  21. I never did hear a reason for removing it, but I do remember everyone freaking out about it. People discussed the dumb smiley more than that actual art which could've been part of the reason for removing it. I also think it was too close to Nirvana's version, so they may have been advised to remove it to avoid Courtney Love coming after them. In which case I would remove it quickly too!
  22. I'm sure anyone who is allowed to interview him has been told specifically not to ask about it. Just as anyone who interviews current blink is warned not to bring up Tom. I'm with Kay though, I really don't think he's listened to California. I'd bet he's heard BTD, and I know they played San Diego at the MLB HR Derby which Tom was at, so he's probably heard a few songs. I would love to hear Tom's thoughts on it, tbh I bet he would cringe and laugh through most the record. I really think if he heard it all he would've gone on a Facebook rant by now. lol.
  23. Would love to see a D*Face alternate perspective for the Deluxe Album cover. This would be pretty rad with L.A. in the background... Edit: It's only letting me upload super small images so to see D*Face's "rear view" work just click here: https://www.google.com/search?q=dface+rear+view&espv=2&biw=1280&bih=958&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj7x5_U0ZLSAhVo2IMKHQd5BYwQ_AUIBigB#imgrc=GMwYN-azIvrFsM:
  24. TOTTM is definitely one of my favorites on California, and probably the most "blink" sounding song on that album to me. Love that bass intro, it is very underrated IMHO.
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