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  1. Welcome! I would love to see this. Please don't let others run you off so soon. Btw Speedo/Feeling can you both just go duke it out somewhere else or squash the beef? The constant pedo back and forth thing just needs retired at this point.
  2. Game was beautiful before, shocked it can get better! The plat must've taken a bit on that one, I think I have 4 or 5 chapters left but it is amazing I've seriously just been in awe at some of the boss fights and scenery.
  3. @Kay def authentic, shame it’s missing Trav
  4. Ah man first time I thought about this and that would be a major letdown, and that song is so good it’s possible.
  5. I was Xbox exclusive the past 12+ years and switched to PS5 and couldn't be happier. The exclusive games are so much better, and the quality of freebies on PSN is great. Ghost of Tsushima is absolutely incredible ( @Russel Coight have platinum on that and started God of War as well!), and got Spider-man and MLB games back which I have missed dearly. Also lol at Xbox doubling XBL $ in a day then reverting, with Halo in shambles I have no desire to ever go back.
  6. I'm just curious if he truly ties this all to the movie he made, or if he's doing a separate EP for that. (My hope). Also, surely RG/K&T/ATLIL don't make this album right? They'll be quite old.
  7. Oh nice, I think that's the same guy I spoke with and gave me some info a page or so back. Here were your pix for reference: https://postimg.cc/gallery/XZRX9Fx Interesting that the letter definitely looks like a BW copy, not lavender, correct? (I don't find this particularly surprising, assuming they ran out of the original run and were scrambling to make more.)
  8. That’s crazy high, I suspect a handful of collectors have been looking for one for awhile and went all in! The collectible market in general is insane right now, won’t be surprised if some folks try to sell theirs now. I’d be shocked if that price range holds up, not many blink collectors out there shelling out that kind of dough.
  9. New tease https://www.instagram.com/p/CKwxU80pVsE/?igshid=1g75joxn1mfqy
  10. Feel like I've seen clips of that from Burro before, that might be him at the very end (22:56ish) lol. Mark is so kind asking if he can use someone's sharpie for multiple autographs at the end, heck yeah you can!
  11. 3 of the big peeps with TTSA left recently as well, saying "we are not entertainers" which I thought was interesting. Curious what happened there, I feel like they had accomplished quite a bit in the past few years tbh.
  12. Btw in regards to the two OG CC cd variations, I confirmed my suspicion over the weekend. The first original release was the one WITHOUT the address above the serial number on the back (below on the right with the black circle). The variation which has the Cargo address was the second release (bottom left).
  13. Welcome @John Roundear would love to see pix, do you recall what year you got this? I've been trying to solve some of the questions surrounding the Buddha tape. Thanks!
  14. New pod featuring guest appearances by @Thibaut182 and @Ghent!
  15. Thanks! Fellow collector had it and I couldn't pass up the opportunity and paid heavily. My other DR is more visually appealing with the bold sigs tbh, but the fact that I referenced this long ago and even included this exact piece in my "Top 10 blink autographs" last year - I couldn't resist.
  16. Update on my full side band land signed in that era quest = complete! Also am now the proud owner of this DR signed album that I referenced in the study long ago!
  17. I can get that back to Tom if the person is still trying, or maybe we send him a replica as a gift from the boards.
  18. @daveyjones I don’t have the amp but may be a cool prop. What’s the story on these/reference pix and dimensions?
  19. Here are some close-ups of my "White Tape" cover, it does feel old (though again I have these on file signed in 1999, so we know they're 21 years old at least), and it definitely doesn't look like inkjet printer quality. One thing I just noticed is the top of "blink" is cut off, specifically the dot on the "i". Interestingly this matches up with other "White Tape" examples I have on file... @daveyjonesand I had a conversation about these and at this point we think the only way to truly confirm these will be to compare them all in hand next to each other, along with examining the
  20. Yeah the NYE stream wasn’t archived for rewatch unfortunately, when he plays live music during streams he can’t save it due to DMCA.
  21. Wow Mark thanked @daveyjones for “being there since the very beginning” on his NYE stream earlier, so stoked for you dude! Happy New Year everyone!
  22. 100% if/when I get it scheduled I’m definitely going to field questions from the board for “rapid fire” style Q/A! @Thibaut182 he knows about the timeline, I mentioned it to him when he discussed putting together an online “blink museum” of sorts!
  23. @hotpantsdelonge authentic! Mark/Tom are textbook examples, Trav’s is rushed (and your pic is upside down lol). Great piece!
  24. Soooo Mark asked me when he’s coming on the pod on stream the other day... Trying to think of what to go over, I’m thinking it makes most sense to just start at the beginning?
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