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  1. A lot of people are saying that it doesn't flow together, seems like they aren't showing their stuff to enough people from the outside to get a different perspective and a fresh ear. Even though they are on label...
  2. I like the intro, but i think it would sound even better if it had no guitar-less breaks, verses and pre-chorus work well together, kind of in a prog-rock style, but then they throw a pop-punk chorus which kills the mood of the song and feels completely detached. Also, I hate how similar the chorus is to the intro of Kiss & Tell, same two chords. Ok song, but definitely not a radio single.
  3. this song sounds the way something with a label "crappy punk rock" should sound, and it's the last thing i want to hear from blink
  4. I think Tom sounds like a normal singer here, without sounding like he is about to throw up because of strain but the song is just okay, nothing special
  5. Preview sounds totally like Kiss with a spell
  6. The song from Scott's band sounds a lot better than new blink, it's a bit lo-fi, post-punky, vocals are the only thing I don't like, I imagine it sounding really great with Mark/Matt vocals, and I think that style really suits Matt, sounds a bit similar to Heavens
  7. Never been into Billy Talent, but this new song is pure prog rock madness
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