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  1. You can never kill my high, i'm blink and you are nine

  2. Well, that sounds like something a lot more sincere than overproduced blink releases, nice that Mark still has some desire to produce music and not earn money
  3. It's funny cause Dutch is pretty much the closest you get to German, a lot of Dutch people I know understand German easily
  4. alex_dept.

    Nine Criticisms.

    I was mostly saying that they used the same basic chords for it, but with a slightly changed order, don't hear me wrong, songs are amazing, riffs are different, but the basis is the same, and stylisticly they are very similar. They are lot more similar to each other than to Cacophony for example, that's what i meant.
  5. alex_dept.

    Nine Criticisms.

    I think, I have problems when you use a generic progression but doesn't lay a melody over, just bare chords are too boring, tha't what Matt does
  6. alex_dept.

    Nine Criticisms.

    i'm not, it's music, you can't be right here or wrong, i'm just expressing my opinion, maybe i'm too rough in phrasing, but that's what music forums are for
  7. alex_dept.

    Nine Criticisms.

    it's the same song, but 2 and 4 chords in progression are changed over.
  8. alex_dept.

    Nine Criticisms.

    Yeah, it makes sense, you definitely can't percieve it as music anymore. But I think I couldn't listen to it, if i were you, because it would remind me of being young and understanding that you will never go back to those times.
  9. alex_dept.

    Nine Criticisms.

    It has more ideas in it than all other songs on the album combined, that's why it's the best and most popular.
  10. alex_dept.

    Nine Criticisms.

    I did, and they are definitely not distinct, even less than on Dude Ranch, even the best songs M+M's and Wasting Time are the same song, but with different riffs. I wouldn't say anything like that if i didn't try to understand it.
  11. alex_dept.

    Nine Criticisms.

    I don't get how anyone can like Cheshire Cat, half of the songs are barely songs with almost nothing to them, I'm not even talking about production, it's raw but in a bad cheap way, it feels like music made by a school band, the only songs which deserve listening to are Carousel, M+M's and Wasting Time because they have good guitar work and catchy vocal lines. Everything else sounds underdeveloped and shallow. And you can barely tell one song from another. It's like you cling to specific style of raw, underproduced pop punk without caring about song quality. Which is even lower than on post-Tom albums. I think Cheshire is absolutely the worst blink album, but I'm never rating it lower than Cali and Nine because at least it's sincere. And Feeling This is like blink on Take Off but more complicated, with vocal lines one over another, vocal exchange, sloppy raw riffage. Blink used these chords before but thy couldn't accomplish anything like that before. Always is homage to 80's new wave, but not a blatant homage, they still kept their style, but made it more refined, the song sounds cleaner and has more complicated relations between different instruments in the mix. I don't get how you can percieve this as downgrade since it's a move to being more deep and melodic, departing from dumb pop-punk juvenility. Untitled was more poppy in terms of production, softer, but in terms of songwriting it's a lot more challenging than anything before. And also how can you still like something you liked at school so much? Didn't you change in any way? There is a lot more you can listen to apart from Bad Religion and young bands which tried to replicate it. I'm so happy blink abandoned this style of music later because it's almost the worst thing music has ever had. I'm betting you like the second part of Ransom too, cliche shit made in two seconds.
  12. alex_dept.

    Nine Criticisms.

    i think i missed some words, i changed it)
  13. alex_dept.

    Nine Criticisms.

    yeah, i think it's okay, as long as it's not totally the same
  14. alex_dept.

    Nine Criticisms.

    well, all Tom's guitar work is mostly easy to play, but I think Untitled just has more of simple ideas one over another in total, which makes the songs more complicated in total
  15. alex_dept.

    Nine Criticisms.

    i can't find any song outside Tom's work which sounds like Down, and I've heard Ransom's ending chords 10 times on California alone
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