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  1. Don't listen to Mark, he described 6/8 as progressive.
  2. This post is a complete joke and utter disrespect for Skiba. Tom should drop blink and fuck off or return and respect other members. As much as I love his music, this man is selfish and out of touch with reality. The best way for Tom to function as a musician is a solo project.
  3. Bored To Death is boring - Adam's Song rip-off riff (which wasn't good at the first place), generic +44 verse, awful Feldy chorus, First Date rip-off bridge. Every song on +44 album is 100000 times better.
  4. Guys, do you know what happened to The AVA Movement? I think it used to be pretty active 3 or 4 years ago, but now the most active ava discussions are either here or on reddit. I remember that guy plopbellie from 182online forum, I think he is the admin or was.
  5. Don't know if it was already posted, but there is no Lil Wayne already on the rescheduled date.
  6. I think TDAG is their best, and I started to like Daisy when I got more into noise rock and post hardcore, since its their most experimental record. All in all, it would be: 1. TDAG 2. Science Fiction 3. Deja 4. Daisy 5. 2006 Leaked Demos/Fight Off Your Demons 6. Your Favorite Weapon And YWF is still better than 90% of pop punk I've heard.
  7. It would be really odd to start off album with GD, since it would set the mood for something similar, while other two songs doesn't sound similar at all.
  8. And Crimson is Alk3's Untitled, Jerry Finn also produced it.
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