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  1. Parking Lot. It’s not even the worst song on Cali DX (that would be Don’t Mean Anything). BIOMY on the other hand was such a lame, pathetic attempt to make a radio friendly single. Truly deserves the title of their worst song.
  2. Feels gross, but I vote Remember To Forget Me. Misery sucks so much.
  3. Box Car. I usually prefer Tom over Mark, but I like WYHSB way more than BCR, especially when it comes to the lyrics.
  4. Cynical The First Time Bored To Death Sober Built This Pool Last Train Home Run Away Rabbit Hole On Some Emo Shit Long Lost Feeling Generational Divide Remember To Forget Me
  5. Agreed, this should be studio albums only. If you include MTTS you could as well include Greatest Hits.
  6. I never considered Love 1+2 as one album, I mean they were recorded and released like two years apart right? They probably only share a name because Tom was still promoting the Love movie when Part 2 came out.
  7. California. What about To The Stars though?
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