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  1. . Blink-182Online's First Annual Songwriting Competition: 15 Second Preview From Each Team I'm glad to see that this competition is really picking up and going in full-force. Everybody seems to be having a good time, and the song previews all sound very promising. 3 teams are currently in the middle of writing, recording, and file sharing song ideas to produce a full-length original song that sounds like a blink-182 song. The competition consists of the following musicians from the forum: @NealMcBealTheNavySeal @madgaz182 @Clarke @thongrider @Olidamus @Nosferatu @Clarkerpes @CuteBilly182 @dildo69er @Sebasti√°n @Nshesaid @Ghost For the 15-second preview, each team had to provide a short audio clip of something that they have worked on so far. This could be anything ranging from a single person's guitar demo to a full-on collaboration. This is considered to be the halfway mark of the competition, and from it, each team will know if they need to step up their game. *The songwriters/teams of each preview are anonymous, and it is intended to be that way until the very end of the competition. The ordering of the songs in this video was chosen at random. Nice work so far everybody! I look forward to the final part of the competition The final cut: Each team will send in their final production, and a thread will be set up for users on the forum to vote for the song that they think is best. The date is TBA.