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  1. Hyped for the doc and I'm into the music. I've watched Start the Machine numerous times, so I think this one will be cool. I feel like Tom's been more transparent lately in general, so I wonder if he partially wanted to do this as a PR move. Make him look a little cooler again after years of being a non-musician doing things most of us don't care about haha
  2. I love Yellowcard, but time has made me realize how petty they are as people...this kind of thing is so lame.
  3. Scott Raynor. He and Travis could trade off drum parts instead of vocals
  4. Video proof of First Date for the easily offended
  5. This is one of those typical Tom statements that needs some context, because while I have no doubt his heart is in it more now than before, he's been working on new AVA music since at least April 2018 (via instagram) and probably before that under the guise of the "Strange Times Feature Film." So his saying "a year ago" isn't really true, it's just a fun exaggeration to make his point. I agree with your main point for sure, but I think it's funny he's parading this story right now when he's been working on new music for a while and even teased a 2019 AVA tour last year.
  6. I actually don't get why so many people seem to dislike this song, it's probably one of my favorites on Cali. It's a jam
  7. Seriously one of the best parts was how much fun he was having. He talked for a good 10+ minutes before playing just going on about random stuff and making jokes before realizing how long he had talked. One of my favorite moments was the very end when he was giving his little speech intro to Heaven and he pointed to this young girl over on his left and said something like "This song is about believing in yourself and believing you can do anything and be anything you want. And to that little girl over there, you can be anything you want in life and no one can tell you otherwise." It was sweet. My wife has been getting into AVA lately and she had a great time too. And for everyone who wants more ammo to make fun of his teleprompter, i saw him look down for lyrics at least once throughout the show, can't remember what song haha
  8. The best shots I was able to get from the pit: The first pic is pure luck and I love Tom's pose. Super happy with how that one turned out!
  9. One of the main things I noticed last night during the show was how much fun Matt Rubano was having. Not only did his vocals and playing bring so much to the performance, but you could see him watching everyone during songs like The Adventure and smiling at how everyone was having such a great time
  10. Just got back, and besides some rowdy kids who kept trying to mosh and push us around we had a great time! Tom sounded amazing in some songs, dopey in others as per usual, but definitely enjoyable. Before the acoustic bit he talked for a while and it was pretty fun. He's clearly enjoying the tour a lot! I'll try to post a pic or two later, it's currently telling me I can't upload anything over 0mb.
  11. I imagine they're gonna put the audio up on Spotify, it's pretty common.
  12. This was the first song of theirs that I got into big time
  13. I think Swell has become one of my all time favorite albums..seriously can't believe how good it is. Their new album is pretty solid as well, but I need to keep listening to it more to really get a feel for it. I was just wondering if there was a thread on here for them haha
  14. Oh shoot, you going in stl? I wish I was doing the M&G
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