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  1. I was thinking the same thing. It was drawn out so slow and looks like a 3 year old wrote it unless he was super drunk which I doubt!
  2. @Ry-Bread Keeping being the man!! I also like to direct message Ryan if I have any questions about autos too!
  3. I wondered if it was that low life!!! Makes sense though.. dude can't stay away from making a dollar
  4. Oh nice! Did you get those signed after the concerT?
  5. Where did you get tom to sign this to complete it @Ry-Bread ?
  6. @Ry-Bread the merry Christmas fucker almost looks real.. but not!!
  7. https://reverb.com/item/29666073-epiphone-les-paul-junior-signed-by-angels-and-airwaves-blink-182-tom-delonge-band Wow too bad tom didn't sign this @Ry-Bread
  8. Shut up this was from a complete different ebay account from a different state.. so explain how you can be at two different states at once and have two different ebay accounts? get out of here slime. You're more fake than the autographs you sell.
  9. @ebayscammakilla should be banned for sure
  10. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/396249571083598/ Pretty sick drumhead! expensive though! Tom, Travis, and Mark! Guessing take off your pants era?
  11. https://reverb.com/item/1736183-signed-fender-tom-delonge-stratocaster-2002-surf Authentic signed guitar @Ry-Bread too much for those faded sigs though
  12. @Ry-Bread is my hero thanks for everything you do dude
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