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  1. Awesome, read every part of both of your posts. Reminds me of how they couldn't play at Riot Fest. At least I got to see Weezer!
  2. Dave Matthews Band sucks complete ass, REM is awesome! Also, they took a shit in our river.
  3. This is so cool man, seriously, and LOL at the random shit section.
  4. Kickass space guitar? Check. Great Melodies? Check. Tom Delonge? Aliens.
  5. Dude rad, nice job man! I see you've got the Ampeg- mind DMing me how much you got it for? Trying to find a nice deal on one and I don't know what to go by. They seem to be around the 400 mark.
  6. Alf

    My first time thread

    At first I thought they were just another dumb, fake boy band (had only seen the All the Small Things video) and disregarded them. Then one day, I was at my cousin's house and Dammit came on the radio. It immediately caught my ear and I was like damn this is a good song. Looked at who was playing- Blink-182. Went home, listened to Dude Ranch and the rest is history.
  7. Alf

    Crimson Octopus Society

    Haha alright man, thanks, sounds good!
  8. Alf

    Crimson Octopus Society

    Well I like the song but the recording quality isn't that great, and we aren't playing our best. Just wanted to share it and see what you guys thought. We haven't really recorded in a while so I don't have new stuff to share. Sorry if you like it 10 times less than me! No need to critique my wording, just listen and if you hate it fine, but I just wanted to share it my dude. This forum is surprisingly kind of a drag man, can't we just talk music and shit?
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