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  1. Guys- in my opinion I don’t think it’s really the songs that are bland. I think the production fucks it all up- way too over produced. Listen to even Self Titled which is very produced by their classic stuff’s standards, and that is barely produced in comparison to these two new albums. Even Neighborhoods is substantially less produced sounding man. These are some really nicely written songs- but the delay and reverb they have on the vocals for example ruin the sound and make it sound like it would be in a commercial for Guitar Center or something. Yeah, they’re trying to fit in with mode
  2. I’m not exactly sure where it was but sounds right.
  3. HAHA Nah just the one day man
  4. Anyone else seeing them at Riot Fest? I keep daydreaming that Tom will randomly come Oman rage for last song. :,(
  5. Agreed. But I liked the video style
  6. Why would you make a Tom hate thread on a blink website- to come full circle?
  7. Alf

    Worst Era of Blink?

    Worst era of blink is probably when Skina first joined the band
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