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  1. Huge sticker strat update thanks to Mark Hoppus himself on his Discord today. Mark provided the first clear image of the back of the guitar. Turns out guttermouth was not on the guitar. It was Buck-o-nine and Unwritten Law stickers instead. That's also another "reverse" Arnette above buck-o-nine, same as on the back of the headstock. By reverse I mean, the black and white colors are the reverse of the Arnette stickers on the front of the guitar. I also recently obtained actual airwalk stickers the same as Tom's and Davey was able to update the art file for those based off the scan.
  2. Yeah, people change, grow, evolve, as do friendships. I got the impression they are best buds again, it's just life has changed with them.
  3. It's the shitty, inaccurate Russian pack. Luckily Jeff isn't using them. I got him the legit, real deal. They arrived on Monday.
  4. Yep there was some solid confirmation of gear nerd information. I always thought Dude Ranch was recorded with the Sticker Strat/X2N and Tom has confirmed it was. So many people love to claim Dude Ranch was recorded with Tom's "Dude Ranch" Les Pauls. I always knew that wasn't the case because Tom didn't get them until fall 1997. The black one Jon Poulin bought was made July 31 1997 according to the serial number. Also aside from the gear nerd stuff, it was awesome to hear to old best friends just reconnect and chat without missing a beat. And as Davey said, I mailed Tom a set of stickers last Friday. They have arrived so know we wait and see if the strat gets restickered.
  5. Totally man. When I get my sticker strat redone, with the X2N back toward the bridge where it belongs, more tone testing will occur!
  6. It's always the fuckin Russians haha
  7. @daveyjones @Q182 check this the Russian guy joined to sell. @alexpunkinYou literally just joined to advertise your sticker packs. My only gripe is your packs suck. I've purchased the sticker strat one. It's inaccurate and the quality of stickers is not very good. They wear and rub too easily. We've done the work for you. The least you can do is fix the inaccuracies. Same with the lady luck pack. I have the actual stickers and the art file made by Daveyjones to send to a vinyl printer. Your warped 98 is off. And I'm sure the others are too.
  8. I was fortunate enough on discord to chat directly with Mark Hoppus himself about Dude Ranch and the amp Tom used. Long story short he texted Tom right on the spot to ask him if he remembered which amp he used. Tom said he thinks it was his Marshall. Tom does own an 800 now as well as still owning the same 900 Dual Reverb he owned in the late 90s. AFAIK the only Marshall he owned back then was the 900 but we didn't see it in his live rig until late 1997/early 1998. I tried my 900 yesterday with the sticker strat and I really thought it was close. So my thoughts are it really might be the JCM900. The Ampeg I think it's very close and even possible it was the Ampeg but it always seemed to me to have too much gain/beefiness to it. DR seems thinner esp when you listen to the isolated guitar. Isolating the guitar really let's you hear what gets lost in the mix The palm muted verses make me think 900. It's thinner than the Ampeg and that's what the isolated guitar track sounds like to me.. thinner, but good. But hey maybe I'm just wrong altogether. Tom may very well be remembering correctly. And if it was a JCM900, was it his or someone else's (studio) and that's why he ended up getting one? We know Tom stopped using the Ampeg in Jan 1997 and started using a Mesa Boogie rackmounted Dual Rectifier. In fall/late 97, that was swapped for his first Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier and he also around that time added a Marshall JCM 900 4100 Dual Reverb to his live rig. @daveyjones @Depf @mil182 @Q182
  9. I remember "Dammit" and to a much less extent, "Josie", being on MTV but I never heard either on local radio here at the time.
  10. Yeah, it's not UL or blink. I remember this floating around on Napster in 99. God this brings back memories haha. Some band said it was blink/UL to make it go "viral", before viral was even a term.
  11. It's the camera/lighting. My cellphone camera does this more often than not to my surf green strat. If you saw it person and saw some of the pics I've taken, you'd think they're two different guitars with the same neck and hardware.
  12. I thought I did too. Plenty of times I've learned some new detail.
  13. Sorry dude. It's not seafoam green. Fender CS Instagram post I took a screenshot of earlier this year alludes to aged sweet pea. Here's the guitar in Tom's home earlier this year: Fender Custom Shop IG post of a body being painted 'aged sweet pea': It is possible the color faded over time. That's why perhaps it was some sort of faded surf green that has some greyish tint to it. It's definitely not seafoam green. Maybe we can finally put this one to rest.
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