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  1. Lol this is hilarious. My financial situation is just fine thanks. Just clearing out some old stuff. I didnt know you had to be a 10 year forum member to sell things. And youre right i wont be contributing to this forum as i have nothing worth saying about blink 182 in 2018 (is tom in blink, omg mark tweeed this, just lame gossip). Are the hats ugly and dated? Sure they are, but who the fuck cares. The fact that any of you really care enough to bitch is just pathetically sad. Hope your kids grow up and wear shitty hats their whole lives.
  2. Havent been here in years, you guys allow selling stuff on here? I have a bunch of new era fitted caps im looking to get rid of, preferably as a group. Let me know if anyones anyone interested. They are all 7 3/8 exept the orange wild ones (1/4) and the black DTA one (1/2) and rebel8 one is a snap back. Here are some pics http://imgur.com/gallery/636fLr0
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