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  1. I actually like it quite a bit. Got that 80's New-Wavey vibe going on. It's not my favorite off the album so far (Restless Souls) but I like it more than Losing My Mind. Call me crazy but I don't like being reminded that the world is falling apart, I use music for escapism.
  2. I like most of the designs personally. I was thrilled that they brought back the international 21 shirt as a nod to the old hurley design. Between that, the "OG Crappy Tee", the untitled shirt, and the anime girl shirt I think what we've got now is a huge improvement over most of the Cali-Nine era merch. Granted that's the minority of it but at least there are good designs in the bunch unlike before.
  3. How did you find that part of the website? Seems like it's hidden or something. None of the merch items on that page show up anywhere else on the site that I can find.
  4. I've suddenly found myself in the middle of a blues kick
  5. That is true, but their US website was very outdated for a while and sometime I think as of last year just redirected to the saban brands website. The Philippines macbeth website doesn't ship to the US by the way, believe me I tried. They were available on a website called planetspade but at a much higher cost.
  6. And AVA's official instagram posted the same pic. Makes me wonder...
  7. I feel like this is only vaguely Tom related since he doesn't own the brand anymore but... I AM FREAKING THE FUCK OUT RN
  8. Here's the bandcamp link for anyone who's picky about bit rates and audio fidelity.
  9. Unfortunately I don't have that luxury at the moment but I have saved that image you posted, thank you for that.
  10. The guitars are panned somewhat randomly (trying to replicate the sound of being in a room). I believe one is like 18% right and the other is 30% left. surprisingly I actually had a friend of mine suggest I bring the vocals up in the mix (I did not, I thought they were plenty loud). Listening back the drums are a little buried. There's a chance that in the future this will end up being treated less like a single and more like a demo (if we ever get recording in a real studio and not just my bedroom) so I will gladly take what you said into consideration.
  11. The song structure is a tad abrupt (that was a deliberate choice but will be sung with the other guitarist filling in some vocals live so I can catch my breath), but I thought the mix sounded even between my AKG k240 studios and apple earpods. I usually test mixes on the earpods simply because most people I know listen to music on those, I actually mix on the AKGs. I'm curious about what you're listening on if I may ask?
  12. Clean as in perfectly crystal clean or as in edge of breakup? I do love the tele's clean sound but I was after a punchy mid focused gain sound. I'm curious where you would hear the clean part working? (side note we are working on a song that has clean verses so the sparkly crisp clean is inevitable)
  13. We're a two man project and we kinda took an unintentional year long hiatus but we just finished recording something new and released it yesterday. Here it is! Also this was my first time recording with my new telecaster and I think it sounds great for riffy pop punk. It's a Squier classic vibe 50's if anyone was wondering. Anyways I hope you guys like the tune!
  14. This is the actual octopus sticker. It's sold out at the moment but there's no reason to buy it from someone printing off their own copy when you can have the real thing (and support Mark's brand) for less.
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