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  1. Welp Tom has my address now. Looks like it's just a mailing list.
  2. I mean considering the only demo that is commercially available is the Buddha remaster (and some people consider Buddha an album, not a demo) then I'd say he isn't very open with releasing demos. Also wasn't there some issue with whether they recorded the DR demos with label money, thus preventing them from being able to legally release them? Either way I think it's in Mark's nature to look ahead to new things rather than spend much time worrying about an old demo he recorded over 20 years ago. I'd like to think we can hear them some day but I'm not counting on it at the moment.
  3. I'm a huge bootleg collector of pretty much every band I listen to but I find it hard to find lossless blink bootlegs in particular. Is there some sort of bootleg hub that I'm unaware of or are high quality bootlegs just scarce? The only full lossless concert I have is the Camden 2004 master file but I'm on the lookout for pretty much anything from the untitled tour. Any help would be much appreciated!
  4. Line 6's Pod Go Edit software. Apologies, I should have specified. You won't be able to look in the patches without a Pod Go hooked up but I can screen shot the settings if you're curious about where I have the knobs set and what models I used.
  5. I have been working with my Pod Go to get some blink sounds lately and I'm rather impressed with the result. In this google drive folder I have an MP3 of me demoing two of the patches provided as well as the patches themselves. One mimics this performance of The Rock Show, and one based off of the tone in Online Songs which I think is the closest I'll ever get to any of Tom's tones. I also created an Ampeg VL1002 style patch which I've provided but I did not demo in the recording because I really don't think I got very close to the sound I was looking for. I threw it in there anyway as a start
  6. The mesa cabs were visible on stage but the head was not. He just had 2x12 cabinets on top of 4x12s.
  7. My only experience with a rectifier is the line 6 helix model that is based on channel 3 set to modern so I wouldn't know. What I do know is that the Helix's Mark IV Lead model is damn near spot on to some of Tom's sounds circa 2001-2004 (I'll have to post some demos). Seeing as how the TriAxis is based on the Mark IV's preamp, I think you're on to something with the idea of the Recto being a backup. I'm sure the TriAxis was 1,000 times more convenient for midi programming using his CAE pedalboard so perhaps Tom favored those.
  8. Figured I'd leave this video here since Tom specifically mentions using the TriAxis and JMP-1 for "many years" in blink. I was under the impression that when the Mesa and Marshall heads disappeared from the stage (around TOYPAJ tour) Tom had gone fully rack mounted with his amp setup. That was until I was watching a video from early in the untitled tour and spotted what appears to be the iconic tan recto head behind Tom's cabs sitting atop a rack. I'm still inclined to think that he was using mainly the TriAxis for his dirty tones at that time as they really don't sound rectifier-like to me an
  9. +1 for EZDrummer, been using it for a few months now and it sounds great and the workflow is really nice. I also have the Pop Punk EZX expansion which Feldmann produced, though I prefer the stock drum samples. Feldmann's samples all sound dull and dead without heavy compression and EQ and the presets he made are downright awful.
  10. I had a go with my Boss Katana 100 mkii trying to recreate the tone from Dammit. I think I got in the ballpark but there's a certain character to the midrange I can't quite nail down. It somehow sounds scooped and very middy all at the same time. I opted for scooping the mids since I run my amp with a boss sd-1 in front anyhow. Here are my settings:
  11. I'm looking into braided cables as I'm starting to get annoyed with how stubborn and tangley (there's a new word) my fender pro series cable is. It's excessively thick and constantly makes loops that my feet get caught in. I've heard that braided cables can solve this issue. What are some good brands to look at? I have ernie ball on my radar but I have no experience with the quality of their cables.
  12. I've been lurkin' for a while, no plans of leaving any time soon
  13. That was exactly my thought process! Also it does sound closer to Buddha to me than it does to CC on a second listen to the recording but I don't have a hotrails loaded strat anymore to test out other pickups. I'm glad you guys like it! Also in regards to the princeton chorus, my dad actually used to rehearse with one and even in his use case (bridge humbucker) it does have that buddha kind of character to the distortion. Very bright and smooth without being fuzzy. Kinda hard to describe but ya know the sound when you hear it.
  14. I was messing around on my Boss Katana 100 and stuck an SD-1 in front of it, flipped to the middle and neck pickups on my old squier strat, and voila! A rough approximation of Tom's CC era guitar tone! I wasn't really sure how to go about posting the amp settings and the audio demo so I just stuck them in this google drive folder. It is a bit sharp sounding but that might be due to the cheap squier bullet pickups. Either way I don't think I'm too far off. Thoughts?
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