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  1. mil182

    What's your rig? - Master Thread

    here’s my rig and my two favorite guitars. I don’t have a group shout of all my guitars, so here’s this for now!
  2. mil182

    Tom Delonge's Les Paul(s) 1997-1998

    Thank you all for sharing this great info! There’s some awesome stuff in this thread. ive always been obsessed with Tom’s LP’s. It was a short lived era but I thought they were really cool, and while similar bands at the time were playing Les pauls (Lagwagon, NUFAN, etc) they seemed to have been mostly kept stock. i do want to replicate one of these. I am positive that they are all 1997 les Paul standards but even if I can get one for under $2000 I don’t know that I would want to sticker it up etc. thinking abiut going the epiphone rout. The wine red trad pro looks like a good starting point as it’s more of the dark spalted top like the 97 Tom had, rather than the common maple top.
  3. mil182

    The Show (Soundtrack) Taylor Steele 1998

    Thanks for confirming this! I my self will usually track with one guitar for rhythms and another for “leads” so I figured the same could’ve gone for Tom, but also, he seems to be very forward thinking and into whatever he’s using at the time. Seeing that this was before they were working with Jerry Finn and all his gear, Tom May have been favoring the LP (and more so, the duncan invader). Either way, the recordings sound good.
  4. mil182

    The Show (Soundtrack) Taylor Steele 1998

    This would’ve been the last time the band recorded with Scott if I’m not mistaken? I wonder if Tom recorded the original Mutt and Christmas Track with one of his Les Pauls. Sounds like the Strat with the x2n but I believe around the time they went in to track this he had been using the Gibson’s live.
  5. mil182

    Yo new people!

    Hi everyone, my name is mil, I’m new here. I found this site via the sticker strat discussion and Davey making scans of the stickers (wish I was here earlier so I could’ve gotten a set!). anyways, I got into blink after first hearing them during the EOTS era (like a lot of people). I was very young and turned on to pop punk, punk, metal, rock and hardcore by an older cousin of mine. blink became my favorite band and has been ever since. im very interested in the history of the band. I collect some blink stuff and started playing guitar because of them. I have two blink tattoos and have seen them three times. (I was much too young to go alone during their original stint so I wasn’t not able to start going to their shows until 2009). Im surprised it took me this long to get to this forum but I’m excited to be here.